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Former Florida standout and USWNT staple Heather Mitts has retired from professional soccer. Mitts made the announcement today via her Facebook page.

The 34-year-old Mitts is a three-time Olympic gold medalist and one of the true pioneers of women’s soccer. You’ll be missed young lady, congratulations on a stellar career!

You can read her announcement in its entirety HERE.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

By Seth Burleigh

The California Assembly was recognizing the 40th anniversary of Title IX and they honored Brandi Chastain and Brazilian soccer player Sissi. But instead of everyone coming together to celebrate women’s athletics, one political prick, who is obviously holding a grudge that he wasn’t given a scholarship for water polo, decided to use his position to voice his opinion.

Chris Norby, a Fullerton Republican, said:

“Title IX has come at the expense of male athletes, particularly those who depend on sports scholarships … it was never the intention to attain equality by reducing opportunities for the men.”

Really Norby, really!?!

Thankfully, other lawmakers from our state didn’t agree with Norby. The bill passed to commemorate this historic law that has given countless women the opportunity to excel in athletics in ways they might not have been able to without it.

All of which makes the folding of the WPS even more disappointing.


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Written by Dill Pickle

Today is a sad day. Many of you never gave the WPS a chance, and find yourself sitting back saying “I told you so.”

Being a supporter of female club and college soccer, I wanted nothing more than a professional outlet for these hard-working, extremely talented ladies. For us supporters, it’s hard not to ask the question, why does women’s professional soccer keep failing? The answer is simple…PRIDE.

The most successful women’s professional sport is, without question, tennis. Women’s tennis is almost as popular as men’s tennis (at least there is a debate)! But, how did they get there? The main reason is women’s tennis piggy-backed men’s tennis until they became self-sustaining. Both men and women play in the same 4 majors, on the same courts, on the same weekend, and on the same channel. The TV rights are sold together.

The WPS refused to ride on the MLS’s coattails. They wanted their own stadiums, their own team names, their own everything. But women’s sports just can’t support themselves at this point in time. They need help from men’s sports, and that’s a tough pill to swallow. Heck, the WNBA only exists because they are subsidized by the NBA and share arenas/markets. Why not have the Los Angeles Lady Galaxy? They could play at Home Depot Center a few hours before the men’s team, and you could sell day-passes that allow fans to watch both.

Club, HS, and College soccer are played by more females than males. They deserve a professional league as well. I just hope someone learns from tennis and gives it another shot.


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Written by Jahmal Corner

Brazilian women’s star Marta, who used to play in the now suspended Women’s Professional Soccer league, can still ball. Check out her ridiculous back-heel volley for a goal with her new club team in Sweden. Goal sequence starts 16 seconds into the video.

Bonus points for the celebration. Was that the electric slide?


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WPS bows out, anyone care?

Written by Reshad Bahadori

If a professional soccer league folds in an empty market, does it make a sound?

I think we’re about to find out. Women’s Professional Soccer announced that it had (yawn) … excuse me, there … it announced that it had canceled the 2012 season. (Pausing for dramatic effect).

So, yeah, there’s no WPS this year and in other groundbreaking news Trader Joe’s currently has a sale on frozen pineapple at $1.24 a pound. For all the fruit juicy details on why the league is folding, er, I mean, canceling this season, check out the link.

I want to care, I really do. And so do you; I can just hear you defending the league’s honor. But what you should have done, instead of buying frozen pineapple, is actually bother to buy season tickets to your local WPS club. Or, maybe you did and you dressed up as an empty seat all season long.

Look, young females deserve to have professional soccer role models but I can’t help it if young girls don’t care about Abby Wambach headers the way they do Kim Kardashian ass implants. And honestly, who can blame them? Heads or Kardashian tails? Not much of a coin flip there.

As for the WPS returning, I’d say the odds are well under 50 percent – just like league attendance.


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The WPS Championship game between the Western NY Flash and the Philadelphia Independence was rudely interrupted, not by a streaking fan, but a squirrel. The squirrel decided to make its home in between Philly goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart, and the goal. The squirrel might have had rabies, or was tripping out on some cat knip, because it started to run in a circle (I like to refer to it as break dancing) for a few minutes straight. Finally, security removed the pesky intruder and the match began, where the Flash went onto beat the Independence for the WPS championship.

A ridiculous, eight minutes of stoppage time were tacked onto the end of the first half because of the squirrel, and an announcement made over the PA system later in the match let the fans know that the squirrel was safe and back where it belonged.

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via ESPN.

Less than a week after the thrilling Women’s World Cup, Abby Wambach already is taking on new challenges. She will spend the rest of the Women’s Professional Soccer season as player-coach for magicJack. She will need to settle a team whose results suffered in the absence of its national team players, even as those players, such as Shannon Boxx, Megan Rapinoe, Hope Solo and Wambach, recover from the grueling Cup chase.

The league has precedent for a player-coach. U.S. captain and magicJack defender Rampone temporarily took the reins of Sky Blue FC in 2009 and led the team to the first WPS championship. Borislow hinted at a leadership role for Rampone, saying she and Wambach are good leaders who know the game well. But the primary coaching duties will fall to Wambach.

Wambach might have a chance to duplicate Rampone’s feat. Sky Blue finished fourth in 2009 but won three road games in the playoffs to take the title. In the current WPS standings, South Florida-based magicJack holds the fourth and final playoff spot by two points over New Jersey-based Sky Blue. But the team could climb quickly with national team players back in the mix and with a game in hand over Sky Blue and third-place Boston Breakers. Wambach did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Borislow said he considers her quite qualified.

“Abby is not only a great player who sacrifices everything, she knows the game incredibly well. But the best-kept secret in sports as how [darn] smart she is,” Borislow said. “Her IQ I am sure is off the charts, and she is really good with her teammates.”

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