Written by Will Parchman


This Vine… is so very USWNT. This was the locker room after Abby Wambach snapped Mia Hamm’s career goals record Thursday night.

Celebrating a major milestone event in your teammate’s career? Why, do the Tootsie Roll, of course! The moral of the story is that Wambach is a national treasure. Can we bronze her alive and put her in the Smithsonian? Was that too far? I’m sorry, I have boundary issues.


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Written by Will Parchman

There’s setting records, and then there’s setting records. Wambach did the latter Thursday night when she scored four goals in the first half in a 5-0 win over South Korea at Red Bull Arena. That’s a combined 9-1 scoreline against the South Koreans in a span of less than a week, for what it’s worth.

Four goals. In one half. That up there is her third, fittingly off a header for her 159th career tally (she finished the game with 160). Incredible longevity for a player who, we shouldn’t forget, played with Mia, the player she just passed. Was touching to see the entire bench scream off the sideline and swamp Wambach.

A mighty doff of the cap to Ms. Wambach. Special moment. Suppose we need a #ChasingAbby now, eh?




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Written by Megan Miller

SOCCER: FEB 09 Women's - Scotland v USA

The 2015 Women’s World Cup is set to be played in Canada. It is also set to be played on artificial turf.  And believe you me this has rustled some feathers.

U.S. dynamo Abby Wambach, in particular, is disappointed in FIFA’s decision. And I don’t blame her. Top-notch grass fields have always been the standard for FIFA World Cups, as they should be. I mean who really wants to play on shredded synthetic fibers intermixed with millions of black rubber chips (all of which seem to end up in every bodily and uniform crevice after each game without fail). It would be the equivalent of March Madness games being played on concrete painted to look like a hardwood court. Not ideal.

More on why FIFA got it wrong after the jump.

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Written by Meredith Martin

Abby Wambach

Last week, FIFA announced the location of the women’s 2015 World Cup final in Vancouver, Canada. B.C. Place Stadium contains 55,000 seats and a retractable roof that will help maximize the amount of fans that come to the game. While this may seem like a smart choice by FIFA, there is only one problem: the field is artificial turf.

This is the first time a championship game will ever be played on turf and the members and fans of the USWNT are in an uproar on Twitter.

Wambach, the ringleader of the Twitter protest, believes turf changes the nature of the game.  Not only are players more injury-prone on turf, but they lose their consistency changing from grass to turf. Wambach has even mentioned petitioning FIFA:

Other players, both current and former, have backed Wambach in her efforts to sort the issue.

Michelle Akers, former USWNT legend replied, “Do it!!!  That’s how we got women’s soccer into the Olympics.  We petitioned the hell out of USOC.  Let me know how I can help.”

The battle for grass in the women’s 2015 World Cup is just under way but there is plenty of time to pull out the victory.  One thing is for sure, these women are not going down without a fight.


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USWNT blasts Iceland 3-0

Written by The 91st

The hits keep on coming for the US Women’s National Team as they completed another easy victory, 3-0 over Iceland.

Rachel Buehler (in her 100th cap), Shannon Boxx and Abby Wambach all found the score sheet and good times were had by all.


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Written by The 91st

Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player

We did the impossible: we caught up to speedy world-class player Marta at the NSCAA Convention. The Brazilian star talked Ronaldo, youth soccer advice and much more in this exclusive interview with us.


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Written by The 91st

120 from shandonfan on Vimeo.

At the close of 2012 we brought you a year’s worth of US Men’s National Team goals, now we’re showcasing the ladies. Here is every goal scored by the US Women – all 120. You’re welcome.


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Written by Dill Pickle

Alex Morgan couldn’t buy the spotlight at the Ballon d’Or event earlier this week. First, Messi stole the show with his connect-the-dots suit, then Abby Wambach took the honor for Women’s World Player of the Year … now, this!

Random stalker guy in the background robbed Alex of her final chance to get some solo shine. Look at him peeking around the corner, plotting his next move. Where’s security when you need them?


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Written by Jahmal Corner

That Abby Wambach, always the humble star. Basking in the glow of her win as FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year, she admitted that she actually believed Alex Morgan would get the honor.

“I really thought Alex was going to win, I’m not even kidding. She statistically and singlehandedly allowed us to win so many games and score so many goals and she probably assisted over half of my goals.”

Well, maybe you should run this by FIFA, Abby. May not be too late to get this thing reversed. Kidding. Abby is incredibly deserving. Meanwhile, Pia Sundhage was incredibly bubbly (or was that the actual ‘bubbly’ talking?). Pia won Coach of the Year then proceeded to sing (at 3:59) and admit that she couldn’t find the door or even see the floor … yup, someone get her some water.


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Written by Dill Pickle

The soccer world got all dressed up Monday for FIFA’s Ballon d’Or gala. People danced and sang and Messi’s suit broke out in a rash – it was good times all around.

Then the moment of truth arrived and the player of the year awards were announced. Hope Solo presented the Women’s World Player of the year to teammate Abby Wambach, who beat Alex Morgan and Marta for the honor. Marta was quoted as saying: Congrats on your ONE, Abby … I have FIVE (loosely translated).

Italy’s Fabio Cannavaro arrived to present the men’s award. The tension was thick … or was that just Sepp Blatter hogging stage space? When Messi was announced the winner, Cristiano Ronaldo sucked his teeth so loudly it created microphone feedback.

Ronaldo digested the news, connected the dots (on Messi’s suit) and there was applause and forced smiles. The end.


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