Frequently Asked Questions

Each camp is staffed by actual head and assistant college coaches - not trainers, club coaches, or other players.

Each camp has two sessions. Each session has a maximum of four teams and uses only two fields. Each team will have eighteen field players and two keepers. Every player works directly with every coach across three distinct sessions: Skill Training, 7V7 and 11V11. All teams/players spend 2.5 hours with EVERY coach - Guaranteed!

Each camp includes a Q&A between coaches, players and parents. There is also a Q&A with some of the nation’s top DI and III college players.

Each camp is a specific keeper coach.

Lastly, each player receives a FREE player profile on TopDrawerSoccer.com and a FREE 1-year Premier Membership (or 30% discount on a multi-year membership) so they can take advantage of all the player profile features only available to Premier members.

Our staff is a mix of both Head and Assistant coaches in order to make this a more affordable option for families.

TDS Soccer ID Camps do not provide lodging, transportation, or meals. Players stay at a local hotel with their parents or legal guardian if needed.

Our camp will be held in Del Mar, California (near San Diego, CA).

Coaches are always looking to recruit the best possible student athletes that align with their specific team strategy and vision. Camps are another “touch point” in the recruiting process. Coaches are always recruiting whether they attend a tournament or a camp. A tournament can only provide a coach one aspect of a player’s game. The camp can help a coach define character, skillset across multiple sessions, personality, and other intangibles. A good soccer player alone does not necessarily meet a coach’s needs. There are many good soccer players around the world. Coaches are looking for the “right” players that align with specific team values. High academics are extremely important for the schools involved with our camps

100% yes! There are times when there is a family emergency, canceled flight or other unforeseen circumstances where a coach may be late or not make the camp. If a coach is listed on the TDS Soccer ID Camp website, the coach has confirmed his/her attendance in writing.

We provide a reversible bib, free t-shirt, and ball. Each player is responsible for all other items including water bottle, cleats, and other personal items.

$299 for the one-day camp / 2.5 hours with every coach / only 2 fields in use. Cost will increase 20% 45 days prior to the camp start date.

Not all TDS Soccer ID Camps provide film. If film is provided, there will be a fee to purchase the film post-camp. Generally, film will be sent 14 business days after the camp end date.