No. 1 Soccer Camps


No.1 Soccer Camps integrates two separate and distinct positions into a vibrant, exciting and educationally sound “Go to Goal” soccer camp experience.

No. 1 Soccer Camp is appropriate for all field players, forwards, midfielders and defenders, wishing to hone their skills on both sides of the ball in the one third of the field directly in front of the goal.

No. 1 Goalkeeper Camp exposes goalkeepers to technical and tactical elements of goalkeeping in match related decision making trial and success situations with field players.

No. 1 Top Academic Camp Top Academic Camps was created to provide all levels of high school aged soccer players the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities to elite academic schools across the nation.

America’s Top Camp since 1977: 45 years of Continuous Operation Campsites ….a No.1 Soccer Camp near You. The Name “No 1” denotes ….quality facilities, staff, programming

No. 1’s Tradition of Excellence: No.1 Soccer Camps is conducted at excellent facilities with prime playing surfaces, accommodations and dining amenities No.1 Staff has been a virtual Who’s Who in American Soccer with a strong list of international contributors. (Staff History) No.1 Soccer Camps programming addresses play in front of the goal on both sides of the ball in a competitive environment at three levels designed to bring out the very best in young talent through educationally sound teaching methodology and strong pedagogy.