The SCNL is a new national competition platform for the nation’s leading soccer
clubs and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SCNL explains that it “provides
an innovative and forward-thinking program for player development and
promotion. The most recent changes in the youth soccer landscape have
compelled many clubs to re-evaluate the available competition programs for
their players and teams.”

The SCNL member clubs provide a wide variety of highly competitive soccer
tournaments that will serve as the venues for all league competition, with
regional and national schedules shown on its website at

The SCNL continues to state that it “is the product of collaboration and alliance
by many of the leading clubs nationally to take charge and lead the way for a
best possible youth soccer experience. The league will allow for a higher level of
competition with maximum exposure to college coaches as well as allowing for
high school sports experience for student athletes. The SCNL will offer regional
and national [competitions] for boys and girls teams ages U13 to U19. All
regional and national competitions will be played during the nation’s leading
showcase events and member club tournaments. This will reduce demand on
travel and provide maximum exposure to college coaches and scouts with every
game becoming a scouting opportunity for players.”

With so many soccer players seeking professional development services, it can
be hard to know who to trust. That is where the SCNL comes in. With a focus
on maximum exposure and by providing a cooperative league environment, the
SCNL’s player development and promotion goals for member clubs are realized
through best available competition at the best venues with highest exposure.

Official Disclaimer: “Select Clubs National League (SCNL) is a newly formed
platform that will be focusing solely on player development through [the]
highest level of competition and maximum exposure for players to college
coaches. The SCNL will operate with all competition planning and participation
being conducted by member clubs and not by a soccer association.”

The League application is open till March 1st (CLICK HERE TO APPLY)
Any questions email us at: or visit our website https://

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