Control your career with Next Gen USA

by Nicholas Spiller
May 11, 2015

The entire process of college soccer recruiting is often overwhelming for many aspiring players, leaving them hoping and waiting for a phone call from a college program. For many, that call never comes. However, there is a better way to get through the recruiting process, and its with Next Gen USA, a non-profit resource aimed at putting control of the recruiting process squarely in the hands of the players and offering the best training and opportunities to further one’s career to the next step.

Next Gen USA is a cutting edge, progressive program. One of the great things they offer is their prestigious International Development Festivals, geared at providing the best training from around the world and an opportunity for players to catch the eye of top professional coaches. Coaches come from far and wide to the festivals, including reps from Chelsea (England), Boca Juniors (Argentina), Zenit St. Petersburg (Russia), Real Madrid (Spain), and more.  These varying cultures of the sport offer a widespread view of the game, giving attending players the best advice from a variety of perspectives.

Both the Regional (Day) and Residential (Overnight) festivals provide an excellent opportunity for players to learn, as well as to potentially get invited to train at one of these prestigious clubs. All players also benefit from the Signature Character of Champions workshops held at the camps. These lessons teach confidence, courage, pride, and persistence; attributes to succeeding both on and off the field. Players will only excel if they have the right hardworking character and desire, and these workshops help teach them just that. The information will help them play stronger on the field and provides great insight into professionalism and values needed to prosper in our world as functioning adults.

Another offering from Next Gen USA is their College Prep program, geared towards helping young soccer players achieve their dreams of playing collegiately and beyond. The program guides kids on how to navigate the entire recruiting process from start to signing, utilizing positive psychology, social media, and impression management to present the best of themselves in order to secure a future in the sport.

Players need to show themselves as talented athletes, but also as being a good person and student in order to become the ideal candidate for scholarships and placement on college soccer teams. This program helps players take this next step in their careers.

One of the best parts about Next Gen USA is how they offer support to their attendees through ongoing consultations after they’ve attended festivals or programs. Next Gen USA truly cares about players getting real opportunities in the game and try to secure the best possibilities for them. Once a player has participated in Next Gen USA, they are a part of the team and will be guided along towards their ideal future. Instead of wallowing in desperation, attending showcases and hoping to get seen, Next Gen USA puts the power in the hands of the player and gives them the chance to secure the right trajectory towards the next step of their soccer career.  Sign up for the Next Gen USA festivals or college prep programs today!

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