La Liga Coaching Courses Return in 2022

by US Club Soccer
November 10, 2021
La Liga Coaching Courses Return in 2022

After a brief pause due to COVID-19, US Club Soccer and LaLiga are thrilled to announce  the return of LaLiga Formation Methodology coaching education courses in 2022. The courses will be hosted by member  clubs and leagues throughout the country and will cover all three levels of the series: Level 3 (introductory), Level 2  (advanced) and the first-ever Level 1 (expert). 

Kicking off next year’s relaunch of LaLiga Formation Methodology is the second-ever Level 1-U.S. course in Danville,  California, Jan. 14-16, hosted by NorCal Premier Soccer. The full 2022 schedule of LaLiga Formation Methodology courses,  locations and hosts will be announced in early 2022. 

“Our technical partnership with LaLiga has provided American coaches the opportunity to accelerate their knowledge and  think about long-term player development,” said Kevin Payne, US Club Soccer CEO. “The intention of the program is to provide  a unique educational experience for coaches in which they can walk away understanding how to develop their  own methodology. We are looking forward to our continued work with LaLiga in our unified goal to impact the sport at a high  level in this country.” 

Since the courses began in 2019, there have been 12 Level 3 courses, four Level 2 and one Level 1 course hosted in the U.S. Through 18 total courses, over 1,500 coaches from more than 400 clubs and organizations have been educated in LaLiga  Formation Methodology. 

“Through the longstanding partnership with US Club Soccer, LaLiga has shown its commitment to growing the sport in the U.S.  by focusing on the development of coaches with our methodology, which has a clear impact on youth participation and  professional development”, said Boris Gartner, CEO of LaLiga North America. “Our commitment continues, and we are thrilled  to be hosting these course series again in partnership with US Club Soccer starting in 2022.” 

The Level 1-U.S. course is the penultimate progression in the series. Coaches who complete a Level 1-U.S. course will be  eligible to attend a Level 1-Spain course upon completion of additional course work. The first-ever Level 1-Spain coursetook place in February 2020. 

LaLiga Formation Methodology is a staple of US Club Soccer's Players First initiative, which is a branded, holistic club soccer  experience for parents and players, emphasizing the development of each individual to his or her full potential, and helping  parents make better choices about where their children should play. 

US Club Soccer and LaLiga will be hosting a Facebook Live interview on Wednesday, November 17, as part of the ‘Importance  of Coaching Education Interview Series’, to discuss the relaunch of the LaLiga Formation Methodology courses and the  dedication to coaching education in the United States. You will be able to view the interview at

For those who have questions about attending or hosting a LaLiga Formation Methodology course, please contact US Club  Soccer’s Sr. Manager of Club Development & Outreach Ashley Lehr at


LaLiga Formation Methodology courses outline the philosophy and methods used across LaLiga to train, develop and form  some of the world’s top players. The 2½-day courses includes theory and practical sessions both on and off the field. Coaches  must complete the previous level course before advancing to the next. 

Level 3 (introductory) topics include: 

Methodological foundations of training 

Structure of training 

Development of the training model 

Training tactical concept 

Training technique 

System development and strategy 

Training physical elements 

Level 2 (advanced) topics include:  

Development of optimal training and performance processes and methods 

Mechanisms of control and development of the formative process and of individual performance of the playersThe ability to plan the training process in the initiation and performance stages, as well as developing and  implementing the design and training of the game model 

Creating and managing individual optimization projects 

Deepen conceptual and procedural contents in training organization, planning and management Level 1-U.S. (expert) topics include:  

Whole-part-whole methodology as an integral method to improve the training pertinence and adaptability to the  cognitive model  

Different fundamentals and characteristics of the performance stage and the application through LaLiga methodology GPS technologies in training that help in decision making  

Understand the pertinence of the CORE and proprioception training related with the performance in soccer and injury  prevention  

Applying the sports psychology to the team’s management in soccer and the group cohesion  Learning, understanding and programming the competitive micro-cycle  

Analyze the main game models and systems of LaLiga clubs, understanding their general particularities, weaknesses and strong points 

Training set pieces from a holistic perspective 


Registration details for all the courses will be made available on the page. Each course’s  dedicated web page contains further information, including detailed schedules, hotel rooms, venue logistics, bios of LaLiga  leadership, etc. 


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