2021 Women’s Recruiting Ranks: April

by Travis Clark
April 29, 2021
2021 Women’s Recruiting Ranks: April

The NCAA tournament began this week for women’s Division I programs, putting a bow on the pandemic-altered 2020-21 season.

Work continues on the class of 2021, as the final touches are being put together for the additions set to join this year. Some players have already started their college careers.

Check out the latest Top 30 recruiting class rankings, judging the best incoming additions this year.

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1. California*

Commitments: D Ayooluwapo Oke (Tophat SC – No. 25), F Arianna Manrique (Tophat SC – No. 28), D Courtney Boone (Legends FC – No. 30), F Karlie Lema (MVLA – No. 36), F Velize King (Legends FC – No. 67), M Noelle Bond-Flasza (OC Surf – No. 119), F Alexis Wright (Tophat SC – No. 123), F Jordyn Young (Mustang SC – No. 135), F Aaliyah Schinaman (MVLA – No. 157), D Aasha McLyn (Beach FC – No. 160), D Maya Griffin (Legends FC – No. 189), D Cailin Bloom (Davis Legacy), M Kei Kitamura (FC Bay Area), M Marleen Rohde (Turbine Potsdam)

The volume of what should be solid players helps maintain Cal’s spot at the top of the rankings. The proof will be when they reach campus, of course. Ayooluwapo Oke has the makings of a very good outside back at the DI level.

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