2022 ECNL Boys National Playoff Groups

2022 ECNL Boys National Playoff Groups
by TopDrawerSoccer
June 16, 2022

The ECNL Boys National Playoffs begin on June 25 in Southern California.

Six age groups are set to compete over the final stretch of the 2021-22 season. The oldest age group will crown a champion, while the National Finals will wrap up from July 13-17 in Missouri.

Check out the playoff draw below.

U18/19 Bracket

No. 1 Louisville City Academy vs. No. 16 Houston Dynamo Youth

No. 8 La Roca vs. No. 9 Charlotte Independence Pro

No. 5 NEFC vs. No. 12 Tampa Bay United

No. 13 UFA vs. No. 4 Eclipse Select SC

No. 3 San Diego Surf vs. No. 14 Charlotte SA Academy

No. 11 LAFC So Cal vs. No. 6 KC Scott Gallagher

No. 7 NTH-NASA vs. No. 10 San Juan SC

No. 15 FC Dallas vs. No. 2 Crossfire Premier


Group A: KC Scott Gallagher, Tulsa SC, South Carolina United, Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Group B: Sporting Delaware, Beach FC, Atlanta Fire, Sporting Nebraska

Group C: United Futbol Academy, SLSG MO, Miramar United, Maryland United FC

Group D: San Diego Surf, NC Fusion, FSA FC, Palm Beach United

Group E: Davis Legacy, Houston Dynamo Youth, Match Fit Academy, Rockford Raptors

Group F: Wilmington Hammerheads, Dallas Texans, Alabama FC, Pacific NW

Group G: Real Colorado, Charlotte Independence Pro, LAFC So Cal, Carolina Elite SA

Group H: Seattle United, Penn Fusion, La Roca, MVLA

Group I: FC Dallas, Legends FC, NCFC Youth, Concorde Fire Platinum

Group J: Florida Kraze/Krush, Manhattan SC, Pateadores, Dallas Texans

Group K: FC Wisconsin, Santa Clara Sporting, Charlotte SA Academy, Slammers FC

Group L: Ohio Premier, Lonestar SC South, Richmond United, Washington Timbers

Group M: NTH-NASA, WNY Flash, Crossfire Premier, St. Croix SC

Group N: Utah Avalanche, STA, NCFC Youth Academy, FC Tucson

Group O: Pipeline SC, Tampa Bay United, Albion Hurricanes, Mustang SC

Group P: Louisville City Academy, East Meadow SC, FC Golden State, Colorado Rapids


Group A: Pipeline SC, Lonestar SC North, FC Golden State East, Davis Legacy

Group B: Eclipse Select, NTH-NASA, NCFC Youth, San Juan SC

Group C: Carolina Elite SA, Louisville City Academy, Santa Clara Sporting, FC Wisconsin

Group D: Seattle United, Nationals SC, Gretna Elite, United Futbol Academy

Group E: World Class FC, Arlington SA, Florida Elite, Concorde Fire Premier

Group F: FC Dallas, Washington Premier, Penn Fusion, Concorde Fire Platinum

Group G: Real Colorado, Match Fit Academy, FC Alliance, St. Croix SC

Group H: San Diego Surf, OK Energy, Crossfire Premier, FSA FC

Group I: Ohio Premier, Sporting Delaware, West Coast FC, Albion Hurricanes

Group J: Florida Kraze/Krush, Pateadores, Rise SC, La Roca

Group K: Sporting Nebraska, Charlotte Independence Pro, Florida Premier, Eastside FC

Group L: Marin FC, LAFC So Cal, Michigan Wolves, Tampa Bay United

Group M: Utah Avalanche, Boston Bolts, Heat FC, Charlotte SA

Group N: Charlotte SA Academy, Tulsa SC, Mustang SC, Slammers FC

Group O: Richmond United, Legends FC, KC Scott Gallagher, NEFC

Group P: Houston Dynamo Youth, Cleveland Force, Virginia Union, LA Breakers


Group A: La Roca, Wilmington Hammerheads, Pateadores, FC Wisconsin

Group B: Eclipse Select, Arlington SA, World Class FC, WNY Flash

Group C: NTH-NASA, OK Energy, Ohio Premier, Palm Beach United

Group D: Florida Premier, GSA, San Juan SC, Eastside FC

Group E: Pipeline SC, Concorde Fire Platinum, Washington Premier, STA

Group F: FC Dallas, LAFC So Cal, Florida Elite, NCFC Youth

Group G: Louisville City Academy, Charlotte SA Academy, Sporting Nebraska, Slammers FC

Group H: San Diego Surf, OK Energy, Crossfire Premier, FSA FC

Group I: Crossfire Premier, Houston Dynamo Youth, MVLA, Tennessee SC

Group J: Sporting Iowa, South Carolina Surf, NCFC Youth Academy, Lonestar SC North

Group K: Penn Fusion, Nationals SC, Seattle United, Real Colorado

Group L: Mustang SC, UFA, FC Golden State West, Albion Hurricanes

Group M: Heat FC, Cleveland Force, Santa Clara Sporting, Rockford Raptors

Group N: Legends FC, FC Delco, Florida Kraze/Krush, Charlotte SA

Group O: DKSC, SLSG MO, Davis Legacy, Boston Bolts

Group P: Dallas Texans, Colorado Rapids, Pacific NW, West Coast FC


Group A: Utah Avalanche, Carolina Elite SA, Eclipse Select SC, Gretna Elite

Group B: SUSA Albertson FC, Richmond United, Cleveland Force, Tennessee SC

Group C: OK Energy, Concorde Fire Platinum, La Roca, Indiana Elite

Group D: Crossfire Premier, Dallas Texans, WNY Flash, Mustang SC

Group E: Nationals SC, SDSC Surf, Sporting Iowa, South Carolina Surf

Group F: MVLA, SLSG MO, GSA, Tampa Bay United

Group G: Beach FC, Baltimore Celtic, Placed United SC, Lonestar SC North

Group H: Florida Premier, Albion Hurricanes, FC Wisconsin, Charlotte SA Academy

Group I: SLSG IL, LAFC So Cal, FSA FC, Loudoun SC

Group J: NTH-NASA, Sporting Delaware, Slammers FC, Washington Premier

Group K: Charlotte Independence Pro, FC Delco, Heat FC, FC Dallas

Group L: FC Pride, Santa Rosa United, Match Fit Academy, Houston Dynamo Youth

Group M: Louisville City Academy, DKSC, FC Golden State East, STA

Group N: Seattle United, Colorado Rapids, Legends FC, Palm Beach United

Group O: World Class FC, Virginia Development Academy, Ohio Premier, San Diego Surf

Group P: Florida Kraze/Krush, NCFC Youth Academy, Arizona Arsenal, Eastside FC


Group A: Crossfire Premier, Manhattan SC, Del Mar Sharks, Houston Dynamo Youth

Group B: SLSG MO, Seattle United, Tulsa SC, Skyline Elite

Group C: Florida Kraze/Krush, Sporting CA Arsenal, Sporting Nebraska, Lonestar SC South

Group D: Pipeline SC, GSA, Florida Premier, Santa Rosa United

Group E: San Diego Surf, Indiana Elite, Utah Avalanche, South Carolina United

Group F: DKSC, Legends FC, WNY Flash, Eclipse Select

Group G: Rio Rapids, Pateadores, Penn Fusion, Charlotte SA Academy

Group H: World Class FC, Eastside FC, NCFC Youth Academy, Slammers FC

Group I: Nationals SC, Richmond United, Colorado Rapids, OK Energy

Group J: NTH-NASA, FC Bucks, KC Scott Gallagher, LA Breakers FC

Group K: Davis Legacy, FC Wisconsin, CESA, Ohio Premier

Group L: STA, South Carolina Surf, MVLA, Wilmington Hammerheads

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