2024 Women’s DI Recruiting Ranks: April

2024 Women’s DI Recruiting Ranks: April
by TopDrawerSoccer
April 30, 2024
Players featured in this article:
F | Pittsburgh Riverhounds
Ava Amsden |  2024
MF | Colorado Rapids
MF | Slammers FC
D | Solar SC
Layla Armas |  2024
F | Mustang SC
D | NC Courage
F | World Class FC
Julia Belli |  2024
D | Ohio Premier
F | Slammers
GK | New York SC
D | Washington Premier FC
Nyla Blue |  2024
D | FC Alliance (TN)
F | San Diego Surf
MF | Louisiana TDP Elite
MF | Real Colorado
F | Ohio Premier
D | So Cal Blues
D | Concorde Fire SC
MF | FC Dallas
Alex Buck |  2024
F | Eastside FC
Jordyn Bugg |  2024
D | San Diego Surf
Ella Bulava |  2024
D | Pittsburgh Riverhounds
D | PA Classics
Chloe Burst |  2024
F | Challenge SC
MF | Utah Royals FC - AZ
D | Portland Thorns Academy
D | FC Virginia
Kylie Cino |  2024
MF | Carolina Elite
MF | NC Courage
MF | McLean Youth Soccer
Abigail Cox |  2024
MF | Portland Thorns Academy
MF | Beach FC (CA)
Kara Croone |  2024
F | Concorde Fire SC
D | San Juan SC
D | Concorde Fire SC
Devin Davis |  2024
F | FC Dallas
F | Bethesda SC
MF | Lex Sporting
MF | FC Dallas
D | San Diego Surf
D | Colorado Rapids
MF | Bethesda SC Academy
D | McLean Youth Soccer
MF | San Diego Surf
D | San Diego Surf
F | Eastside FC
MF | Midwest United
GK | San Diego Surf
F | City SC
MF | Eclipse Select (IL)
D | Santa Rosa
Ella Emri |  2024
D | San Diego Surf
Izzy Engle |  2024
MF | Minnesota Thunder Academy
Elle Ervin |  2024
F | Liverpool FC-IA (MI)
F | KC Athletics Academy Elite
Alex Fallon |  2024
MF | Gwinnett Soccer Academy
Sydni Fink |  2024
F | Chicago Inter
MF | Richmond United
Lola Foley |  2024
MF | Solar SC
Randie Foor |  2024
D | Michigan Hawks
Emily Fox |  2024
MF | Eclipse Select Soccer Club
D | Real Colorado
MF | Michigan Hawks
F | Concorde Fire SC
MF | FC Stars of Mass
D | Solar SC
Jordan Geis |  2024
Liv Geller |  2024
GK | FC Dallas
F | Slammers
Lana Gibbs |  2024
GK | FC Stars of Mass
D | Eclipse Select (IL)
Mia Gildea |  2024
D | FC Dallas
Ava Goodin |  2024
D | Sting Dallas Black Soccer Club
F | Austin Sting
GK | Tennessee SC
F | Heat FC
D | Florida Krush
MF | Michigan Hawks
D | Nationals
Kate Hawley |  2024
MF | Arlington SA
D | Michigan Hawks
D | Concorde Fire SC
Kate Hennen |  2024
D | Cedar Stars Academy Monmouth
F | FC Virginia
F | Lonestar SC
F | WNY Flash Academy
GK | Beach FC (CA)
F | Nationals
MF | Tampa Bay
MF | Internat'ls (OH)
D | Tophat SC
Lily Joseph |  2024
MF | Connecticut Rush
Kaiya Jota |  2024
GK | LA Breakers FC
F | World Class FC
Laney Kalsu |  2024
D | Austin Sting
Sian Karani |  2024
GK | Kansas Rush
GK | FL Premier
F | NC Courage
MF | Seattle United
Hope Kim |  2024
F | Sporting Blue Valley SC
Emma Kirlin |  2024
GK | Carolina Elite
MF | Internat'ls (OH)
Kiley Kukan |  2024
F | Oakwood SC
Avery Lampe |  2024
D | Tonka-Fusion Elite (TFE)
MF | KC Athletics
Ava LeGault |  2024
MF | Richmond United
F | Quickstrike FC
F | Tophat
Ella Lewis |  2024
MF | FC Dallas
F | Heat FC
F | Arlington SA
Mary Long |  2024
MF | Slammers
Allie Love |  2024
F | Sting Dallas Black Soccer Club
MF | Slammers
MF | Colorado Rush
D | Penn Fusion SA
D | FC Stars of Mass
D | Colorado Rapids
MF | City SC
MF | NC Courage
F | Richmond United
MF | Lonestar SC
MF | Rebels Soccer Club
MF | Colorado Rapids
MF | Richmond United
D | Richmond United
D | Solar SC
D | Slammers
D | Tophat SC
MF | Seattle Reign
Ava Morton |  2024
MF | Washington Premier FC
D | Atlanta Fire
Ainsley Moy |  2024
GK | Pacific FC (WA)
F | South Shore Select SC
MF | Seattle United
MF | La Roca Premier
F | Gwinnett Soccer Academy
D | Charlotte SA
F | Eclipse Select (IL)
D | Legends FC
GK | FC Alliance (TN)
D | Albion FC (TX)
D | Internat'ls (OH)
F | Tennessee SC
GK | Solar SC
F | Nationals
MF | Nationals
F | Slammers
D | Solar SC
F | Lonestar SC
Rowan Pearl |  2024
D | Indiana Fire Academy
MF | Weston FC
MF | La Roca Premier
Ally Pinto |  2024
F | Sting Dallas Black Soccer Club
F | FC Virginia
MF | ALBION SC San Diego
F | Atlanta Fire
D | Slammers FC
MF | FC Dallas
F | FC Stars of Mass
MF | Orlando City
D | KC Athletics
GK | Gwinnett Soccer Academy
MF | Florida Elite Soccer Academy
D | Bethesda SC
F | San Diego Surf
F | Blackhawks Soccer Club
GK | SUSA FC Academy
Ashley Roni |  2024
F | Crossfire Premier SC
MF | Colorado Rush
GK | Florida Elite Soccer Academy
F | Nationals
Anna Rydin |  2024
D | NC Courage
Ayla Sahin |  2024
MF | Colorado Rush
MF | Libertyville FC
D | FC Virginia
D | San Diego Surf
Katie Scott |  2024
MF | Internat'ls (OH)
Ulla Sharp |  2024
D | Sporting St. Louis
MF | SC Wave
Amy Smith |  2024
F | Colorado Rapids
Bella Smith |  2024
MF | KC Athletics Academy Elite
GK | Rochester NY FC (RNYFC)
MF | Connecticut FC
MF | SC Wave
F | Beadling SC
F | FC Alliance (TN)
F | North Shore United (WI)
F | Charlotte SA
F | FC Dallas
GK | Nationals
MF | SC Wave
D | Sockers FC
MF | WNY Flash Academy
MF | WNY Flash Academy
F | Michigan Jaguars FC
D | FC Virginia
MF | Colorado Rapids
Kira Waller |  2024
MF | McLean Youth Soccer
F | Concorde Fire SC
MF | Clovis Crossfire SC
Ella Weil |  2024
D | Beach FC (CA)
MF | Colorado Rush
MF | Internat'ls (OH)
GK | Eclipse Select (IL)
D | FC Alliance (TN)
D | Arlington SA
F | World Class FC
D | Sting Dallas Black Soccer Club
D | Del Mar Carmel Valley Sharks
D | Solar SC
Kyah Zurek |  2024
MF | SC del Sol

The latest women’s Division I recruiting class rankings are out for April.

Transfers have slowed down a bit, with another round possible at the end of spring and into the summer. International additions should pick up, while the other notable factor this year is several top recruits reclassifying from 2025 to 2024.

Here’s a look at the Top 35 classes for 2024.

Please send any omissions or corrections to editor@topdrawersoccer.com.

1. UCLA (1)

Commitments: D Nicola (Nicki) Fraser (Real Colorado – No. 13), D Kamryn Winger (Virginia Development Academy – No. 15), F Isabella Winn (World Class FC – No. 19), M Avery Robinson (Florida Elite SA – No. 30), F Kara Croone (Concorde Fire Platinum – No. 40), D Paloma Daubert (San Juan SC – No. 47), F Samantha Sanchez (MVLA – No. 61), F Layla Armas (Mustang SC), F Jordan Geis (MVLA)

Transfers: GK Ryan Campbell (Stanford), F Lily Boyden (Washington State), M Alice Barbieri (Oregon)

Talent from around the country is slated to join UCLA. Fraser and Winger bring national team experience to the back line, while Winn, Croone and Sanchez reinforce the attack.

2. Florida State* (5)

Commitments: F Solai Washington (Concorde Fire – No. 18), Taylor Suarez (Charlotte Soccer Academy – No. 20), F Wrianna Hudson (WNY Flash – No. 48), F Peyton McGovern (Virginia Development Academy – No. 56), D Jordyn Bugg (San Diego Surf), GK Emma Kirlin (Carolina Elite Soccer Academy), M Ashlyn Puerta (Albion SC San Diego)

Transfers: D/F Nina Norshie (Barton Community College), F Kameron Simmonds (Tennessee), D Camille Ashe (Portland)

FSU is closing in on the top spot with the additions of Bugg and Puerta now for this fall instead of 2025. The defending champions are reloading in impressive fashion.

3. Stanford* (2)

Commitments: M Eleanor Klinger (Internationals SC – No. 8), F Jaden Thomas (FC Dallas – No. 10), D Ella Emri (San Diego Surf – No. 14), M Charlotte Kohler (MVLA – No. 17), M Samantha Smith (Boise Thorns – No. 31), D Elizabeth Boamah (Albion SC (CA) – No. 34), , D Sophie Murdock (Mtn. View Los Altos – No. 157), GK Kaiya Jota (LA Breakers FC – No. 183), M Maria Crisera (Beach FC (CA) – No. 190)

Klinger’s reclassification has Stanford’s class in the range of the top spot here. It’s a huge influx of talent.

4. Notre Dame (3)

Commitments: M Grace Restovich (SLSG Navy – No. 9), D Abigail Gemma (IMG Academy – No. 21), GK Sonoma Kasica (Florida Premier – No. 41), M Izzy Engle (Minnesota Thunder Academy – No. 46), D Eleanor Hodsden (Lonestar SC – No. 51), D Abigail Mills (Solar SC – No. 98), M Riley DeMartino (Bethesda SC – No. 124), F Ally Pinto (DKSC), F Annabelle Chukwu (NDC Ontario), D Randie Foor (Michigan Hawks), D Melinda Hathaway (Nationals), M/F Lily Joseph (Connecticut Rush), D Rowan Pearl (Indiana Fire Academy)

The talented class received another boost recently, as Abigail Mills reclassified to join this year.

5. Penn State* (4)

Commitments: M Katie Scott (Internationals SC – No. 16), GK Kealey Titmuss (Nationals – No. 22), F Addison Hess (TSJ FC Virginia – No. 27), D Bella Ayscue (NC Courage – No. 103), D Kieryn Jeter (Tophat SC – No. 120), D Natalie Magnotta (Penn Fusion – No. 160), D Lilly Burger (PA Classics), F Aubrey Kulpa (Oakwood SC)

Transfers: M Jordan Fusco (Tennessee), D Kayleigh Herr (North Carolina), D Ginger Fontenot (Penn)

The Nittany Lions have a typically excellent class, that features additions all over the field. Ayscue’s been one of the picks of the group, as a ball-playing central defender that could also play outside back. Keep an eye on Katie Scott as well, who is part of the 07 national team and part of several players that reclassified.

6. Duke* (6)

Commitments: M Lauren Martinho (NC Courage – No. 6), M Mary Long (Slammers FC HB Koge – No. 38), GK Caroline Dysart (San Diego Surf – No. 105), M Sophia Recupero (FC Stars of Massachusetts – No. 117)

Transfers: F Farrah Walters (Santa Clara), M Mia Oliaro (North Carolina), F Ella Hase (Northwestern), M Hannah Bebar (Harvard)

Duke has brought in arguably the top players from the transfer portal, while Martinho is a U.S. youth national team stalwart. Mary Long has potential to bring an immediate impact as well.

7. Texas* (7)

Commitments: F Amalia Villarreal (Michigan Jaguars/Solar SC – No. 12), D Cambry Patrick (Solar SC – No. 45), F Chloe Shimkin (IMG Academy – No. 53), M Lola Foley (Solar SC – No. 92), GK Kendell Williams (Eclipse Select (IL) – No. 128), Molly MacMillan (Slammers FC HB Koge – No. 160), D Vivian Geesbreght (Solar SC), F Rosa Maalouf (Ontario NDC) 

Sprinkle some talented in-state additions with quality players from outside Texas gives the program a strong foundation ahead of its move to the SEC. Maalouf was a Signing Day announcement that brings an impact from north of the border. With the entire starting lineup returning, the expectations will be high in Austin.

8. USC* (8)

Commitments: M Ines Derrien (San Diego Surf – No. 36), F Lily Biddulph (Slammers FC HB Koge – No. 44), M Jaiden Anderson (Slammers FC – No. 83), F Katherine Park (Slammers FC HB Koge – No. 139), F Faith George (Slammers FC HB Koge – No. 151), M Peyton Nakagawara (Seattle United – No. 172), D Cassie Bibby (LA Breakers FC), GK Lana Gibbs (FC Stars of Massachusetts), M Eleanor Morrissey (Seattle Reign Academy)

Transfers: F Maile Hayes (Texas A&M), M Maria Alagoa (Florida State), D Molly McDougal (Mississippi State)

Jaiden Anderson’s big move into the Top 100 bolsters a USC class that heavily leans on some of California’s best.

9. TCU (9)

Commitments: F Cameron Patton (Lonestar SC – No. 60), M Ainsley Moy (PDA – No. 68), M Morgan Brown (FC Dallas – No. 71), GK Liv Geller (FC Dallas – No. 96), D Blake Olivier (Albion Hurricanes – No. 101), M Kaela Martinez (City SC – No. 147), M Sarah Bonnecaze (Louisiana TDP Elite), M Abigail Cox (Portland Thorns Academy), D Elly Harrington (Florida Krush), M Cate Sarinopoulos (Colorado Rush), D Rylie Monahan (Slammers FC HB Koge), M Jordan Whiteaker (Colorado Rush)

Transfers: GK Megan Plaschko (Minnesota), M Sara Brocious (Rutgers), F Caroline Kelly (Saint Louis)

A big class is joining TCU, with four recruits in the Top 100. Geller reclassified as well, a top 2025 recruit that could compete for the starting role later this year. Kelly is a big-time addition from the portal.

10. Tennessee* (10)

Commitments: M Bella Smith (KC Athletics – No. 29), M Skylar Miller (Richmond United – No. 78), F Reese Mattern (Richmond United – No. 93), D Jasmine Boggs (Virginia Development Academy – No. 133), D Nyla Blue (FC Alliance), F Kameran Bluette (St. Louis Scott Gallagher), F/D Devin Davis (FC Dallas), D Sydney Miller (Richmond United), GK Cayden Norris (FC Alliance), F Alivia Stott (FC Alliance (TN))

Transfers: M Luciana Latino (Penn State), D Zoe Cuneio (Purdue), F Kylie Finney (Baylor), D Muriel Kroflin (Oklahoma), F Samantha Woods (Michigan), M Sarah Bridenstine (Michigan), GK Addie Yelton (Mississippi), M Ella Giannola (Ohio State)

11. Alabama* (11)

Commitments: M Maddie Padelski (Tennessee SC – No. 28), M Alexis Meyer (Colorado Rapids – No. 37), D Maison Smith (St. Louis Scott Gallagher – No. 114), M Kiley Kukan (St. Louis Scott Gallagher – No. 142), F Ashley Roni (Crossfire Premier SC – No. 16), D Breeanne Brewer (So Cal Blues), GK Madeline Munguia (Pacific FC (WA)), M Sophia Neves (LA Roca Premier)

Transfers: F Melina Rebimbas (North Carolina), F Nedya Sawan (Portland), D/M Zivana Labovic (Michigan State)

12. North Carolina* (12)

Commitments: M Ashley Pennie (Weston FC – No. 33), M Linda Ullmark (WNY Flash – No. 55), F Caitlin Mara (FC Stars of Massachusetts – No. 144), F Bella Gaetino (Michigan Hawks)

13. Michigan State (13)

Commitments: M Grace Jackson (Internationals SC – No. 65), D Julia Belli (Ohio Premier – No. 67), D Cassidy Corcione (PDA – No. 72), D Samantha Maroni (Colorado Rapids – No. 161), GK Lexi Grundler (Tennessee SC), M Kaleigh McPherson (St. Louis Scott Gallagher), F Ava Panduren (Nationals), M Gabriella Paonessa (Nationals), F Madelyn Rousseau (Nationals), F Shelby Vaughn (North FC)

Transfers: M Emily Mathews (Purdue), D Remini Tillotson (TCU), D Taya Hjorth (Kentucky), F Meg Hughes (Providence)

14. Wake Forest (14)

Commitments: F Miri O’Donnell (Bay Area Surf – No. 24), F Chloe Burst (Challenge SC – No. 57), M Amaya Dawkins (FC Dallas – No. 76), M Lola Ressler (Orlando City – No. 199), F Josephine Noble (Eclipse Select SC (IL)), M Tahlia Zadeyan (Del Mar Sharks)

Transfers: M Emily Colton (North Carolina), GK Paige Nurkin (Columbia)

15. Princeton (15)

Commitments: F Alexandra Barry (World Class FC – No. 79), F Dylan Jovanovic (World Class FC – No. 82), M Grace Rossner (Colorado Rush – No. 106), M Brooke Dawahare (Lexington SC – No. 134), M Sophia Kurisu (MVLA), GK Sydney Romano (SUSA FC Academy)

16. Virginia (16)

Commitments: F Sophia Bradley (PDA – No. 25), M Sarah Flammia (Richmond United – No. 109), M Kira Waller (Virginia Union – No. 116), M Annamarie Williams (Internationals SC – No. 191)

Transfers: D Moira Kelley (Kansas)

17. Virginia Tech (17)

Commitments: F Viviana Pope (TSJ FC Virginia – No. 42), D Ashleigh Vizek (TSJ FC Virginia – No. 69), M Gabrielle Ciocca (NC Courage – No. 135), F Taylor Lewin (Tophat SC – No. 182), D Lauren Carpenter (Virginia Development Academy), D Annie DeHaan (San Diego Surf), F Kathryn Grannis (Sting Austin)

Transfers: F Sarah Rosenbaum (Wisconsin)

18. South Carolina* (18)

Commitments: F Katie Shea Collins (Tennessee SC – No. 39), M Avery Galante (FC Stars of Massachusetts – No. 64), M Kylie Cino (Carolina Elite Soccer Academy – No. 150), D Jyvanna Harris (PDA), D Madden McDonald (IMG Academy), D Camryn Szotak (PDA)

Transfers: M Anna Young (Kentucky), GK Jenna Hall (Bucknell)

19. Washington* (19)

Commitments: GK Tanner Ijams (Beach FC (CA) – No. 26), F Andrea Leyva (Heat FC – No. 43), D Sophie Blake (Washington Premier), F Alex Buck (Eastside FC), D Kate Cheldelin (Portland Thorns), F Maggie Dutra (Eastside FC), F Cecelia Egan (City SC), F Bridget Guevara (Heat FC), M Ava Morton (Washington Premier FC)

20. Maryland* (20)

Commitments: F Gemma Davitian (Bethesda SC – No. 90), D GK Kennadie Marchand (United Futbol Academy – No. 112), M Eliana (Ellie) Egeland (Eclipse Select – No. 185), D Ella Bulava (Pittsburgh Riverhounds), D Danielle Gichner (Eclipse Select), M Kate Hawley (Arlington SA), M Emily Lenhard (Virginia Development Academy), D Taryn Raibon (Slammers FC), M Samantha Winer (Arlington SA)

Transfers: F Delaney DeMartino (Loyola (MD)), D Brooke Tracey (Bucknell)

21. Oklahoma* (21)

Commitments: M Juliette Rayo (FC Dallas – No. 54) D Kylie Briscoe (Concorde Fire SC – No. 107), M Ella Lewis (FC Dallas – No. 146), GK Morgan Paley (Solar SC – No. 170), D Laney Kalsu (Sting Austin), D Savannah Wylie (Sting Dallas Black), D Lilian Zamorano (VFL Wolfsburg)

Transfers: GK Caroline Duffy (Duke), F Sophia Green (Omaha), M Nevaeh Johnson (LSU), D Kiki Smith (Washington State), F/D Ashley Tutas (Florida)

22. Georgetown* (22)

Commitments: D Elizabeth Heller (Concorde Fire SC – No. 102), M Jamie Covitz (VA Union FC – No. 164), M Caroline Spengler (Connecticut FC – No. 178), D Cassie Delinsky (VA Union FC), GK Cameron Gabrielson (PDA), F Jocelyn Lohmeyer (Arlington SA)

23. Kentucky* (23)

Commitments: D Jasmine Nixon (Charlotte Soccer Academy – No. 77), F Anna Sikorski (SC Wave – No. 153), D Emerson Andrews (Solar SC – No. 167), M/F Ella Dykstra (Midwest United FC), F Sydni Fink (Chicago Inter), D Avery Lampe (Tonka Fusion Elite), M Ashley Mekitarian (Rebels SC), F Marilia Nieves (Charlotte Soccer Academy), D Michelle Moskau (Atlanta Fire United), F Kathleen Ngulefac (GSA), GK Gabrielle Rourke (Florida Elite Academy), F Abigail Stager (Beadling SC), F Bella Stewart (So Cal Blues), M Gianna Tuzzolino (WNY Flash), F Lexi Tylenda (Beadling SC), D Reese Wilson (FC Alliance)

Transfers: M Maddie Kemp (Gonzaga), GK Nikki Coryell (Valparaiso), M/F Elsi Twombly (Marquette), M Myra Schneider (Oregon), M Catherine DeRosa (Maryland), M Sophia Mattice (Portland), F Makala Woods (Illinois)

24. Arkansas* (24)

Commitments: F Anaiyah (Challenge SC – No. 74), GK Keegan Smith (Rochester NY FC – No. 119), M Lily Boydstun (Real Colorado – No. 168), D Jailyn Brownlee (St. Louis Scott Gallagher), F Kyndal Ewertz (KC Athletics)

Transfers: F Jordan Hall (Arizona), D Dejionee Anderson (Daytona State), D Kelsey Oyler (Gonzaga), M Ella Rogers (Xavier)

25. Portland* (25)

Commitments: D Nevaeh Peregrina (La Roca Premier – No. 49), D Taylor Norman (Legends FC – No. 158), M Kyah Zurek (SC del Sol – No. 177), D Christina Davenport (Concorde Fire SC), M Jezabella Khann (Seattle United)

Transfers: M Hailey Still (Washington), F Phoebe Canoles (Towson)

26. Clemson* (26)

Commitments: M Kendall Bodak (NEFC – No. 23), F Ella Johnson (Wilmington Hammerheads – No. 97), D Emilia Eriksen (IMG Academy), D Anna Rydin (NC Courage), F Allie Serlenga (PDA)

Transfers: GK Nona Reason (North Carolina)

27. Brown* (NR)

Commitments: D Chesney Robinson (Bethesda SC – No. 81), F Ayla Sahin (NEFC – No. 108), M Brooke Birtwistle (NEFC), F Isabelle Chukwu (Ontario NDC), F Nadja Meite (Suffield Academy), D Kyra Treanor (Sockers FC), D Ella Weil (Beach FC (CA)), D/M Aleysia Welch (Solar Soccer Club)

28. Northwestern* (27)

Commitments: F Kennedy Roesch (San Diego Surf – No. 30), D Tanna Schornstein (San Diego Surf – No. 91), D Olivia Elliott (Santa Rosa United), M Alex Fallon (GSA), D Ava Goodin (Sting Dallas Black), D Kate Hennen (Cedar Stars Academy Monmouth), F Mary Stroebel (North Shore United)

29. LSU (28)

Commitments: F Aurora Gaines (Concorde Fire SC – No. 66), F Amy Smith (Colorado Rapids – No. 95), M Ava Amsden (Colorado Rapids), D Annaleigh Bruser (IMG Academy), D Emerson DeLuca (Colorado Rapids), GK Katelyn Holt (Northern Virginia Alliance), M Riley Macdonald (Colorado Rush), F Senai Rogers (Blackhawks SC), M Sarah Stadler (SC Wave)

Transfers: M Gabbi Ceballos (TCU), D Sydney Cheesman (North Carolina), GK Sophine Kevorkian (San Diego), F Jazmin Ferguson (East Carolina)

30. Michigan (29)

Commitments: M Adeleine Walick (Colorado Rapids – No. 52), F Ella Jablinskey (Nationals – No. 126), D Josephine Owen-Kren (Internationals SC), F Elle Ervin (Liverpool FC-IA Michigan), M Brianna Harshe (Michigan Hawks)

31. Pittsburgh* (30)

Commitments: D Erika Schneider (TSJ FC Virginia – No. 60), F Lola Abraham (Pittsburgh Riverhounds – No. 113), F Chloe Brecht (Ohio Premier), D Coco Dorfman (San Diego Surf), D Bella Haynes (Michigan Hawks), F Rylee Keeley (NC Courage), M Dakota Watterson (Clovis Crossfire SC)

Transfers: GK Abby Reisz (Tennessee), F Bailey Wagenknecht (Mississippi State), F Ava Boyd (Michigan State), D Grace Pettet (Missouri), M Celine Otah (Jones College)

32. Rice (NR)

Commitments: F Allie Love (Sting Dallas Black – No. 129), D Aleksia Christensen (TSJ FC Virginia – No. 148), M Claire Tracy (SC Wave – No. 174), F Camille Quarterman (Atlanta Fire United SA), D Lillian Reuscher (KC Athletics), GK Megan Sweeney (Silicon Valley Soccer Association)

Transfers: M Leah Chancey (SMU), GK Faith Hutchins (Rhode Island), D Taylor Rish (Georgia), D Kat Lazor (Houston Christian)

33. Saint Louis* (NR)

Commitments: D Isabella Moreno (Tophat SC – No. 149), F Hope Kim (Sporting Blue Valley – No. 159), M Emily Fox (Eclipse Select), GK Sian Karani (Kansas Rush), M Addison Lang (KC Athletics), F Caigan Leonard (Quickstrike FC), M Ashley Miller (JB Marine SC), M Sarah Sarnowski (Libertyville FC), D Ulla Sharp (Sporting St. Louis), F Audrey Smith (St. Louis Scott Gallagher)

Transfers: F Rylee Howard (Wisconsin), M Camille Welker (Iowa)

34. Georgia* (NR)

Commitments: M Anna Castenfelt (Utah Royals FC-AZ – No. 58), M Cayla Jackson (Tampa Bay United – No. 137), GK Nicole Bidun (New York SC)

Transfers: M Amber Nguyen (Vanderbilt), D Maddie Baker (Vanderbilt), D Tyler Kaseta (Xavier)

35. Illinois (NR)

Commitments: D Mia Gildea (FC Dallas – No. 86), M Abigail Mayock (Lonestar SC – No. 131), M Ava LeGault (Richmond United), F Claire Murray (South Shore Select SC), GK Peyton Rhodes (GSA), D Lauren Seppi (St. Louis Scott Gallagher), F Emma Yee (Vancouver Whitecaps), D Isabella Zanoni (Solar Soccer Club)

Transfers: D Anessa Arndt (Old Dominion)

In the Running: Santa Clara, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Arkansas, Arizona, Pepperdine, Connecticut, James Madison, BYU, Texas Tech, Xavier, Rutgers, Columbia, Ohio State, South Florida

*-Denotes official recruiting announcement has been released.

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