Capelli Sport Announces Girls All Stars

Capelli Sport Announces Girls All Stars
by Travis Clark
June 30, 2023
Players featured in this article:
F | Real JFC
F | Slammers
Siena Bryan |  2026
D | FL Premier
D | Legends FC
F | Penn Fusion SA
MF | Freestate SA
F | Freestate SA
MF | Legends FC
Alison Hou |  2025
F | Slammers
Ayva Jordan |  2026
F | Slammers
GK | FL Premier
Daya King |  2025
D | Legends FC
MF | Real JFC
D | Legends FC
GK | McLean Youth Soccer
Mary Long |  2024
MF | Slammers
MF | Classics Elite
F | Legends FC
D | Legends FC
MF | Freestate SA
Zoe Sellers |  2024
D | Charlotte Independence SC
Ava Slay |  2024
D | Albion FC (TX)
MF | FL Premier
Alex Tay |  2025
D | Seattle United
GK | Eclipse Select (IL)
GK | SC del Sol
Milee Zych |  2025
D | Slammers

Capelli Sport announced on Thursday the first Girls All Star roster.

From August 1-8, two teams comprised of players from teams that wear Capelli Sport jerseys will head to England to face high-level competition. Games against teams from Manchester City, Barnsley, Manchester United, Leicester City and Sunderland await.

Here are the two rosters for the U17 and U19 age groups.

Capelli Sport USA Girls U17 Roster

Kennedy Zorn, SC Del Sol

Erinn Lockard, Alexandria Soccer

Alexis Coughlin, Legends FC

Gabrielle Poretto, Eclipse Select

Milee Zych, Slammers FC HB Koge

Alex Tay, Seattle United

Daya King, Legends

Alison Hou, MVLA

Lilliana Hutchings, Slammers FC HB Koge

Sofia Atehortua, New York SC

Kailyn Effah, Maryland United

Adia Symmonds, FL Premier FC

Siena Bryan, FL Premier FC

Ayva Jordan, Slammers FC HB Koge

Mary Long, Slammers FC HB Koge

Zoe Matthews, Legends FC

Natalie Bruno, South Florida FA

Ashley Economopoulos, Penn FC

Capelli Sport USA Girls U19 Roster

Sonoma Kasica, FL Premier FC

Kendell Williams, Eclipse Select

Zoe Sellers, Charlotte Independence

Maya Tyburowski, Sockers FC

Ava Slay, Albion Hurricanes FC

Lucy Landherr, Legends FC

Taylor Norman, Legends FC

Gracie Salais, Maryland United

Sydney Harpster, Legends FC

Angelina Lopez, Classics Elite

Jaden Aaronson, Real Jersey FC

Morgan Kotch, Real Jersey FC

Maddie Levy, PA Classics

Sabba Haghgoo, Maryland United

Savannah Hutchins, Slammers FC HB Koge

Lily Biddulph, Slammers FC HB Koge

Samantha Sanchez, MVLA

Aubrey Wilkerson, West Florida Flames

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