ECNL/id2 Training Camp Roster

ECNL/id2 Training Camp Roster
February 10, 2011

For the second year the ECNL and U.S. Club Soccer are joining forces to host the 2011 ECNL/id2 National Training Camp, held at Florida State University from February 10th to the 13th.

Eighty-three female players, born in 1994 and 1995, will come together for the four-day camp in order to gain national exposure.

“The primary purpose of this camp is give players the chance to be seen in front of national coaches,” ECNL President Christian Lavers said. “We know that National Staff Coach Mike Dickey and U.S. Soccer Women’s Development Director Jill Ellis will be observing as well as plenty of college coaches.”

girls youth club soccer playersECNL and U.S. Club Soccer have joined for the id2 National Training Camp.
The camp will consist of a series of morning training sessions, along with Saturday and Friday afternoon 11v11 games. The players will all be wearing GPS monitors to track their intensity and distances covered throughout the matches. It will be a learning tool to teach girls their playing habits.

“There will be a presentation to the players in regards to the intensity and distance covered during the games. It will be an educational experience for the girls,” Lavers said. “They will see comparisons to numbers of players at different levels, WPS and college.”

The idea, according to Lavers, is to teach these players how to take advantage of their athletic ability and further develop their endurance and strength, focusing on different anaerobic training programs.

“Other things they will be shown, is if the players are around the ball and working enough,” Lavers said. “It will give the players an idea about what is expected from their physical ability at the next level. It will be something for them to shoot for.”

Besides the workouts and games scheduled, two unnamed former national team members will be addressing the players.

The decision to combine both ECNL’s Player ID Program and U.S. Club Soccer’s id2 national player identification and development program into one camp, was to improve the game and the identification format for players, according to Lavers.

“We have two organizations with similar goals and we thought it would be valuable to combine the resources and scouting networks that is also focused on older age groups,” he said.

Below is the roster of the 83 players attending (Courtesy of ECNL and U.S. Club Soccer):


Name Club Birth
Mariel Adams  Real Colorado  1995  2013
Lindsay Agnew  Ohio Premier Eagles  1995  2013
Allyson Andreini  FC Milwaukee  1994  2012
Morgan Andrews  FC Stars of Mass  1995  2013
Katherine Bach  Charlotte Soccer Club  1994  2012
Kelsey Bass  Dallas Texans  1994  2012
Janine Beckie  Real Colorado  1994  2012
Lauren Berman  Scorpions SC  1994  2013
Makella Brems  SC Del Sol  1995  2013
Courtney Brosnan  PDA Slammers  1995  2014
Gabby Byorth  Ohio Premier  1995  2013
Jane Campbell  Concorde Fire South  1995  2013
Caroline Chagares  PDA Slammers  1995  2014
Paige Conway  Real So Cal  1995  2013
Sarah Coy  Delray AC  1995  2013
Jade Dapaah  Solar Red  1994  2012
Jaclyn DiMartino  HBC  1995  2013
Hayley Dowd  FC Stars of Mass  1994  2013
Nicole Driesse  PDA  1994  2013
Danica Evans  Colorado Rush Nike  1995  2013
Mary Fitzpatrick  Atlanta Fire United  1995  2013
Andrea Fontanetta  PDA Celtic  1994  2012
Jackie Georgoulis  Eclipse Select  1995  2013
Anna Maria Gilbertson  Davis Legacy  1994  2012
Kelsey Gorney  Dallas Texans  1995  2013
Summer Green  Michigan Hawks  1995  2013
Sophie Groff  Dallas Texans  1994  2013
Emma Gullickson  West Coast FC  1995  2013
Madison Hall  Colorado Rush  1995  2013
Jordan Hatler  Challenge  1994  2012
Caity Heap  Dallas Sting  1994  2012
Lindsey Horan  Colorado Rush  1994  2012
Krystina Iordanou  Albertson Elite Fury  1995  2013
Olivia Jester  Ohio Elite  1994  2012
McKenzie Karas  Las Vegas Premier  1994  2012
Alexa Keney  CFC United  1995  2013
Krissi Killion  HFC Shubert  1994  2013
Courtney Kobashigawa  Ohio Elite  1994  2012
Makenzie Koch  Dallas Texans  1994  2012
Kristiana Konkol-Mroczkowski  Real So Cal  1994  2012
Lindsey Lane  Freestate Elite  1995  2013
Erika Leal  San Diego Surf  1994  2013
Madison Lewis  Michigan Hawks  1995  2013
Caroline Lindquist  CASL Spartan Elite Black  1994  2012
Kaela Little  HFC Shubert  1994  2013
Carrie Madden  Eclipse Select  1995  2014
Anna McClung  GSA Phoenix Red  1994  2013
Meagan McCullough  Dallas Sting  1994  2013
Caitlyn McCullough  Ohio Elite Soccer Academy  1994  2012
Sydney McGinnis  Eclipse Select  1995  2014
Margo McGinty  Albertson Fury  1994  2012
Kristen McNabb  PDA Charge  1994  2012
Jordan Meier  St. Louis Scott Gallagher  1995  2013
Ashton Miller  Michigan Hawks  1995  2014
Carissa Miller  Sereno SC  1995  2013
Gabrielle Miranda  Colorado Rush  1995  2013
Allison Murphy  D'Feeters  1994  2012
Katie Naughton  Sockers  1994  2012
Shea Newman  FC Stars of Mass  1995  2014
Olivia Pappalardo  Eclipse Select  1994  2012
Antoinette Payne  Birmingham United  1995  2013
Corey Persson  FC Stars of Mass  1994  2012
Taylore Peterson  Michigan Hawks  1994  2012
Molly Pittman  Carmel United Elite  1995  2013
Mariah Powers  San Juan SC  1994  2012
Casie Ramsier  Solar Soccer Club  1994  2013
Jenna Roering  Minn. Thunder Academy  1994  2013
Lauren Sajewich  Eclipse Select  1994  2013
Emma Schneider  Carmel United Elite  1994  2013
Arielle Shipp  Real So Cal  1995  2013
Lydia Simmons  Seacoast  1995  2013
Beryl Smith  Challenge SC  1995  2014
Allison Spencer  Utah Avalanche  1995  2013
Morgan Stanton  Colorado Rush  1995  2013
Addison Steiner  KCFC  1994  2013
Murielle Tiernan  FC Virginia  1994  2013
Savannah Trujillo  KCKC  1995  2014
Angela Waddle  Eclipse Select  1995  2013
Claire Wagner  CASL Spartan Elite Black  1995  2013
Ryan Walker  Mustang Blast  1994  2013
Kate Walters  PDA South Crush  1995  2014
Allison Wetherington  Concorde Fire South Elite  1994  2013
Glory Williams  Dallas Sting  1994  2012



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