Girls Academy Mid-America Talent ID Roster

Girls Academy Mid-America Talent ID Roster
by TopDrawerSoccer
June 8, 2023

The Girls Academy Mid-America Talent ID event is on June 8 in Noblesville, Indiana.

Ae groups from 2006 through 2009 have been invited to compete in front of scouts, coaches as some of the top players identified in the conference compete against each other.

Here is the roster announced by the Girls Academy.



GK Kealey Titmuss Nationals Blue (2024 – Penn State)

GK Paige Dornheggen, Cincinnati United (2024)

D Jaime Elias, Chicago FC United (2024 – Texas Tech)

D Melinda Hathaway, Nationals Blue (2024 – Notre Dame)

D Addison Soroka, Chicago FC United (2024)

D Claire Casey, Michigan Jaguars FC (2024)

D Lindsey Ciss, Chicago FC United (2024 – Fairfield)

D McKinley Berry, Nationals Blue (2024 – Xavier)

M Giulia Karrow, Chicago FC United (2024 – Northeastern)

M Josie Jones, VSA Rush (2025)

M Stella Kohl, Sockers FC Chicago (2024)

M Becca Smith, Salvo Soccer Club (2025)

M Juliet Carlson, Tonka Fusion Elite (2024 – St. Thomas (Minn.))

F Ava Panduren, Nationals Blue (2024 – Michigan State)

F Ella Jablinskey, Nationals Blue (2024 – Michigan

F Lydia Herald, Indy Premier United (2024 – Wisconsin-Milwaukee)


GK Jacqueline Keller, Sockers FC Chicago (2025)

GK Molly Vapensky, Chicago FC United (2025)

D Emily Kolodin, Michigan Jaguars FC (2024 – Eastern Michigan)

D Kyleen Bradow, Nationals Blue (2024)

D Sydney Hooks, Nationals Blue (2024)

D Avery Lampe, Tonka Fusion Elite (2024)

D Kyra Treanor, Sockers FC Chicago (2024 – Brown)

D Sydney Bollis, SC Wave (2024)

M Charlotte Bien, Nationals Blue (2024 – Iowa)

M Joella Livingston, Central Illinois United (2024)

M Keira Billis, Nationals Blue (2024 – Iowa)

M Macy Malecki, Michigan Jaguars FC (2024 – Butler)

M Mya Nugent, Chicago FC United (2025)

M Kaleigh Shafer, Nationals Blue (2024 – Valparaiso)

F Abby Warner, VSA Rush FWD (2024 – Iowa)

F Madelyn Rousseau, Nationals Blue (2024 – Michigan State)

F Jada Grove, VSA Rush (2025)

F Emily Graham, Indy Premier United (2025)



GK Brooklynn Harding, Nationals Blue (2025)

GK Kelly Rodak, Michigan Jaguars FC (2025)

D Emily Buescher, Chicago FC United (2025)

D Olivia Halunen, Salvo Soccer Club (2026)

D Sophia Enwright, Nationals Blue (2025)

D Braelyn Even, Cincinnati United SC (2027)

D Lucy Corley, Central Illinois United (2025)

D Tyra Chu, Nationals Blue (2025)

M Cecelia Simion, Nationals Blue (2025)

M Sophia McMillan, Sockers FC Chicago (2026)

M Elle Wildman, Salvo Soccer Club (2025)

M Jessica Fernau, SC Wave (2025)

M Layla Tomezak, Nationals Blue (2026)

M Rayna Powers, Central Illinois United (2025)

M Samantha Curtis, Nationals Gray (2026)

F Ellie Hill, Indy Premier United (2025)

F Savannah Conner, Cincinnati United SC (2025)

F Tatum Borman, Cincinnati United SC (2025)

F Lily Pantaleo, Nationals Blue (2025)


GK Ashley Abruzzo, Salvo Soccer Club (2025)

GK Emily Kruntovski, Nationals Gray (2025)

D Addyson Jacquemain, Nationals Gray (2025)

D Kensey Teffner, Nationals Blue (2026)

D Audrey Alberts, Chicago FC United (2025)

D Elsa Maurer, SC Wave (2026)

D Olivia Schneider, Nationals Blue (2025)

M Addison Lockerby, Chicago FC United (2025)

M Rylie Morse, Cincinnati United SC (2026)

M Aubree Ciampa, Nationals Blue (2025)

M Sophia Bowman, Michigan Jaguars FC (2025)

M Olivia Hernandez, Chicago FC United (2025)

M Riley Lijewski, Salvo Soccer Club (2025)

F Callie Tumilty, Chicago FC United (2025)

F Rylann Law, Central Illinois United (2025)

F Sonoma Bever, SC Wave (2025)

F Lexi O’Shea, Cincinnati United SC (2025)

F Rowann Law, Central Illinois United (2025)

F Sydney Goodman, Nationals Blue (2025)



GK Macy Martin, Michigan Jaguars FC (2026)

GK Teagan Leihgeber, Indy Premier United (2027)

D Camryn Quidort Nationals Blue (2026)

D Grace Battershell, Nationals Blue (2026)

D Maddy Sheppard, Cincinnati United SC (2026)

D Stella Braddock, VSA Rush (2026)

M AvaLee Pomper, Nationals Gray (2026)

M Liliana Cruz, Chicago FC United (2027)

M McKenna Clouston, Nationals Blue (2026)

M Avery Hooper, Michigan Jaguars FC (2026)

M Cadence Conrad, Indy Premier United (2026)

M Ava Ruffino, Nationals Gray (2026)

M Kylie Steel, SC Wave (2027)

M Marissa Weilert, Tonka Fusion Elite (2026)

F Dayami Arias, Sockers FC Chicago (2026)

F Scarlet Enskat, Nationals Blue (2026)

F Addy Oetker, VSA Rush (2026)

F Tori Brewer, Indy Premier United (2025)

F Tenley McMenamy, Salvo Soccer Club (2026)


GK Hope Pierfelice, Nationals Blue (2027)

GK Sophia Alvarez, Tonka Fusion Elite (2026)

D Ava Collier, Nationals Blue (2026)

D Caroline Stanley, VSA Rush (2026)

D Cassidy Pettijohn, Indy Premier United (2026)

D Beatrice Cirulis, Chicago FC United (2027)

D Conamora Ndana, Nationals Blue (2026)

D Rory Chiles, Michigan Jaguars FC (2027)

M Maren Swan, Nationals Blue (2026)

M Molly Merkel, Sockers FC Chicago (2026)

M Sloane Popov, Nationals Blue (2026)

M Alex Burkemper, SC Wave (2026)

M Ana Sofia Mrotzek, Chicago FC United (2026)

M Reese Brown, Cincinnati United SC (2026)

M Romey Croatt, VSA Rush (2027)

F Lily Jeakle, Nationals Blue (2027)

F Gabriella Riggio, Nationals Blue (2026)

F Sloane May, Indy Premier United (2026)



GK Linnea Wilhelm, Salvo Soccer Club (2027)

D Addy Zawaly, Cincinnati United SC (2027)

D Jorja Lewis, Nationals Blue (2027)

D Violet Hynek, Central Illinois United (2027)

D Brooklyn Vann, Cincinnati United SC (2027)

D Kiersten Petersen, VSA Rush (2028)

M Addison McClain, Indy Premier United (2027)

M Camille Friden, Tonka Fusion Elite (2027)

M Elizabeth Mathews, Nationals Blue (2027)

M Riley Priestap, Michigan Jaguars FC (2027)

M Ashlyn Bazile, Cincinnati United SC (2028)

M Nora Eitz, Sockers FC Chicago (2028)

F Addy Randall, Chicago FC United (2027)

F Lauren Craig, Tonka Fusion Elite (2027)

F Leah Nalichowski, Nationals Blue (2027)

F Sydney May, Indy Premier United (2028)

F Melania Seay, Cincinnati United SC (2027)


GK Annie Fowler, Chicago FC United (2027)

GK Sienna Musachio, Nationals Blue (2027)

D Emma Kessler, Nationals Blue (2027)

D Nina Brandon, Cincinnati United SC (2027)

D Bella Rogers, Cincinnati United SC (2027)

D Claire Gallagher, Chicago FC United (2027)

D Rylee Shields, Michigan Jaguars FC (2027)

M Kylie Huffaker, Central Illinois United (2027)

M Mady Postma, VSA Rush (2027)

M Maddi Sorg, Indy Premier United (2027)

M Adrienne Jones, Nationals Blue (2027)

M Alexandra (Alex) Vellieux, Tonka Fusion Elite (2027)

F Atuganile Mwamukonda, Cincinnati United SC (2027)

F Kaylah Swirczek, Michigan Jaguars FC (2027)

F Reilly Novak, Chicago FC United (2027)

F Natalie Grimaldo, Nationals Blue (2027)

F Acosia Morris, Central Illinois United (2027)

Unable to Attend


F Amalia Villarreal, Michigan Jaguars FC (2024 – Texas)

F Anna Sikorski, SC Wave (2024)

M Sarah Stadler, SC Wave (2024 – LSU)


F Ashlyn Anderson, Indy Premier United (2026


D Kendel Krywko, Nationals Blue (2027)

M Kennedy Morgan, Lexington Sporting Club (2027)

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