TDS Combines: Super Y RSS Region I Boys XI

TDS Combines: Super Y RSS Region I Boys XI
by Kelsey Haycook
August 25, 2015

For the weekend of August 14-16, the TDS east coast combine continued at Mercer County Park where players showcased their skills in hopes of leaving a good impression and developing before the next level. 

Here are the boys best XI from the event.

GK Josh Sampson - His quickness off his line and athletic ability to cover the net from any angle gave Sampson confidence as he organized his back line and showed that he could be a vocal leader from the back. Sampson was aggressive in 1v1 situations and didn't back down from a challenge. 

D Cameron Growney - A strong defender with a big presence in the back showed his dominance as he held players off the ball and made a great tackler in tough challenges. Growney was another vocal leader coming from the back and kept his back line connected with him

D Michael Levene - A good marker and tracker of players making runs through the back line, Levene wasn't easily beaten by forward. His composure in 1v1 situations and knowledge of when to go into a tackle made him a smart defender and composed piece of the back line, which allowed his teammates to place great trust in him.

D Domenico Procopio - His vision of the field and ability to think ahead of the game gave him opportunities to go forward and find option higher on the field. He was very composed on the ball and was not bother by oncoming pressure. He was calm and collected with a ball at his feet and could hit his forward’s foot with a pass every time.

D Anthony Harding - Another defender that is composed in the back and has a vision to connect the next pass make him valuable player to anchor the back line. His ability to win aerial battles and tackles showed his great 1v1 defensive skills. His physical presence gave him an upper hand in winning battles as a solid part of any team. 

M Gabriel Chavez - His confidence with a ball at his feet as he danced around defenders made him a standout for this squad. He buzzed around the field wanting the ball and knowing what to do with it. He made good decisions and knew when to take on a defender and when to send a forward through with a creative pass. 

M Christopher Little - A very technical player who could cover ground all day is a dream for a coach. He worked both sides of the ball as he connected passes and got stuck into tackles to help out his backline. He worked to win back a ball and had a creative flare when he got the chance to go forward.  

M Christopher Stamper - Another talent in the midfield with a great ball-winning ability controlling the flow of play. He is consistently clean with a smooth first touch and can also strike a ball making him a dangerous player to have in the middle of the field.

M Jonathon Valladares - His movement on and off the ball in combination with knowledge of the game and an immaculate first touch make him threat to any team. Valladares’ confidence and poise on the ball with the ability to run in open space and find a final pass to a player running through proved to be very dangerous for defenses as he did it often and consistently.

F Luca Santabarbara - With a great attitude and work rate, this forward was able to cause trouble with his pressure on the ball and act as the first line of defense for his team. He could strike the ball from distance and finish clinically in the 18 making him a tough match to handle.

F Jacob Barrette - A simple and smart attacker, Barrette knew when to take on a defender and when to connect with his supporting teammates. He could run in behind back lines and used his body well to hold off defenders and a strong finisher. 

Honorable mention: Ryan Carraha, Christian Clark, John Tolkin, Jacob Adams, Ben Deeming, Reid Koken, Luke Pompliano, Simari Smith, Benjamin Wilson, Ian Lake, Christopher Sheehan, Paul Cudnoch

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