YNT Regional ID - Atlanta 06

YNT Regional ID - Atlanta 06
by J.R. Eskilson
October 19, 2021

U.S. Soccer is hosting regional identification centers in key markets. There was on held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 13. 

Thirty players were called into the identification event. Both Concorde and Tophat each had five players called into the one-day youth national team identification showcase. Diane Drake, Mirelle Van Rijbroek, Philip Poole, Jay Entlich, and Ronnie Woodard are listed as the staff working the event. 

06 YNT Regional Identification Center Roster - Atlanta 

Elle Bissinger (CESA), Allison Casey (Charlotte Soccer Academy), Kara Croone (Concorde), Alex Fallon (GSA), Aaryn Gabriel (NC Fusion), Aurora Gaines (Concorde), Ellie Garrison (NC Fusion), Kelly Gordon(CESA), Sarah Houston (Tophat), Kate Janetta (Tophat), Neely Kerr (Tophat), Emma Kirlin (CESA), Taylor Lewin (Tophat), Casey Maddox (Concorde), Kennadie Marchand (UFA), Cameron Maynor (Concorde), Isabella Moreno (Tophat), Michelle Moskau (Atlanta Fire), Elizabeth Perri (Charlotte Independence), Alexandra Planeaux (GSA), Marjorie Rogers (Concorde), Maggie Rollins (South Carolina United), Malia Shorter (Charlotte SA), Olivia Silcox (UFA), Jaleah Simmons (CESA), Madeline Stoddard (UFA), Kayce Taylor (Charlotte SA), Ava Vaughan (NC Fusion), Anabelle Walker (NC Fusion), Evelyn Wright (South Carolina United)

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