Rankings & Ratings Criteria


Pre-season rankings are generated by reviewing first team, second team, all-rookie team, etc., as well as spring season performance.

Mid-season & Post-season rankings are generated by statistics and coach input. The tricky thing is, soccer is largely NOT a statistical game. Yes, stats can show you some things, but there are so many things in evaluating a top quality soccer player that statistics will not help with. As the ultimate team game, statistics can even be misleading. One person's statistics may be quite good in an area, and actually be the result of someone else's quality (and vice versa). Not having a bird's eye seat to every game around the nation, it is necessary to consult those who are...coaches. We work heavily with coaches, who provide an on-the-ground understanding as the season progresses.


Our national rookie rankings are based on newcomers who are making the greatest contributions to their respective teams' on the field.