Colgate University Men's NEID Camp

Colgate Men's Soccer rolls out two ID Camp opportunities in July and August
Following the July 4th weekend, Colgate Men's Soccer will host its annual NEID Camp in Hamilton, NY targeting all players 9th grade and up who seek exposure to a competitive, collegiate training and playing environment. Attended by some of the top universities and colleges across the country, players will have the chance to train, play, and be evaluated for possible recruitment. Each player's development will be facilitated by skill instruction, small area games, and 11 v.s. 11 matches.
Ensuing the NEID Camp, Colgate Men's Soccer will host its College ID Camp starting July 31st and ending August 1st. This will be a great opportunity for players to close out their Summer's with one final opportunity to be evaluated by the staff before jumping into their Fall 2021 Season. 
These events are projected to sell out. Please contact Assistant Coach Ricky Brown at with any questions.