GA Frontier Talent ID - Rosters

GA Frontier Talent ID - Rosters
by J.R. Eskilson
February 9, 2022

The next Girls Academy Talent ID is being held on Feb. 13 at BVB Training Ground in Carollton, Texas. The event highlights the top players in the Frontier Conference from the 2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005 age group. The rosters for the event are included below. 



Addison Neuman (Lonestar SC Academy), Lily Selvy (Lou Fusz Athletic), Keirra Venson (Lonestar SC Academy), Gracelynn (Gracie) Milam (Lou Fusz Athletic), Eva Valeriano (Lonestar SC Academy), Gianna Oldani (Lou Fusz Athletic), Mary Kate Cunniff (Sporting St. Louis), Olivia Russell (SA City Soccer Club), Jillian Hernandez (BVB International Academy NTX), Marlowe Weinhold (Lou Fusz Athletic), Caitlyn Trosclair (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Olivia Kaiser (Lou Fusz Athletic), Monique Thomas (SA City Soccer Club), Haylee Lancaster (BVB International Academy NTX), Kensley Smith (Lonestar SC Academy), Lauren Van Rhein (Lou Fusz Athletic), Madison Hill (BVB International Academy NTX), Sofia Scego (Lou Fusz Athletic)

Coach: Chad Otec, Lou Fusz Athletic


Ella Moersch (Lou Fusz Athletic), Kailin Denehy (BVB International Academy NTX), Parker Dieck (Lou Fusz Athletic), Ava Stevens (Sporting St. Louis), Lauren Barrera (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Priscilla Garcia (BVB International Academy NTX), Madeline Garrou (RISE Soccer Club), Norah Behrens (SA City Soccer Club), Colette Iwakoshi (Lonestar SC Academy), Addison Stewart (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Alyssa Valdez (BVB International Academy NTX), Lia D'Afonseca (Sporting St. Louis), Maren Gansner (Lou Fusz Athletic), Brooke Atkins (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Amelia Kusinski (RISE Soccer Club), Caroline Conley (Sporting St. Louis)

Coach: Roderick Scott, BVB International Academy NTX



Patty Staton (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Ainsleigh Thomson (SA City Soccer Club), Francesca Johnson (RISE Soccer Club), Emma Lovell (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Alyssa Schulte (Lou Fusz Athletic), Sohana Spencer (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Grace Luedde (Lou Fusz Athletic), María Paula Reyes Avina (Lonestar SC Academy), Eisley Schweers (BVB International Academy NTX), Jasmine Diaz (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Shelby Hollywood (Lonestar SC Academy), Emma Torres (Lonestar SC Academy), Charlie Wistrom (Sporting St. Louis), Nayla Sanchez (Lonestar SC Academy), Madelyn Way (RISE Soccer Club), Grace White (Lou Fusz Athletic),  Riley Henderson (Lou Fusz Athletic), Olivia Hess (BVB International Academy NTX)

Coach: Jonathan Cruz, Lonestar SC Academy


Danica Ly (RISE Soccer Club), Emily Sanabria (Lou Fusz Athletic), Grace Rossetti (RISE Soccer Club), Peyton Duffing (Lou Fusz Athletic), Briana St. Louis (SA City Soccer Club), Addison Baldus (Lou Fusz Athletic), Inara Haney (BVB International Academy), Emma Bates (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Alicia Chi (RISE Soccer Club), Aly Bryant (Lou Fusz Athletic), Caroline Carr (Sporting St. Louis), Lana Adams (Lou Fusz Athletic), Sophia Saludares (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Landry Hopkins (Lou Fusz Athletic), Eleanor Hodsden (Lonestar SC Academy), Madison Taylor (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Rhegan Coombs (RISE Soccer Club), Sadie Guzman (Lonestar SC Academy)

Coach: Colin Rocke, BVB International Academy NTX



Iris DeWitt (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer), Katherine Lewis (Lou Fusz Athletic), Aiko Rowe (BVB International Academy), Anya Soriano (RISE Soccer Club), Katie McCarthy (Sporting St. Louis), Kelsey Vaughn (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Jadyn Leblond (BVB International Academy), Danika Duncan (Lonestar SC), Ella Rosenberg (Sporting St. Louis), Zoe Hollander (Lou Fusz), Taylor Sal (BVB International Academy), Lauren Fincher (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer), Abigail Moser (Sporting St. Louis), Maeve Sullivan (SA City Soccer Club), Lilly Noblett (SA City Soccer Club), Ava Vetter (Lou Fusz), Haley Nguyen (RISE Soccer Club)

Coach: Audrey Gutierrez, BVB International Academy NTX


Layla Amaya (BVB International Academy), Phoebe George (Lonestar SC), Ava Fix (Sporting St. Louis), Isabel Peters (Lonestar SC), Alexis Claiborne (Lonestar SC), Jazel DeOliveira (Lonestar SC), Abigail Mayock (Lonestar SC), Chelsea Cross (RISE Soccer Club), Olivia Christodoulides (Lonestar SC), Maggie Hartnett (SA City Soccer Club), Ashley Harvatin (Sporting St. Louis), Alyssa Carlson (Lonestar SC), Hailey Schiwinger (Sporting St. Louis), Payton Buck (Sporting St. Louis), Laurel Kelley (RISE Soccer Club), Sydney Ridnour (BVB International Academy NTX)

Coach: Andrea Casilla, RISE Soccer Club

Unable to attend

Elizabeth Kundert (Lou Fusz Athletic) Abigail Wiedermann (Lou Fusz Athletic) Sian Karani (Kansas Rush Soccer Club) Lauren Fincher (Houston Dash)



Marlen Hernández (Lonestar SC), Jordan Hollingsworth (Sporting St. Louis), Kennedy Bernsen (Sporting St. Louis), Anna Pagano (Sporting St. Louis), Lily Patterson (Lou Fusz), Lauren Steinlage (Kansas Rush), Makayla Thinger (Lonestar SC), Ella Alvarez (SA City Soccer Club), Mason Mireur (Lonestar SC), Tatum Swanwick (Kansas Rush), Sophia Moore (BVB International Academy), Kara Harris (Lonestar SC), Mia Morales (Lonestar SC), Blaine Schutte (Lou Fusz), Morgan Struttmann (Sporting St. Louis), Justina Tennyson (RISE Soccer Club), Halin Griffith (BVB International Academy)

Coach: Carlos Parra, RISE Soccer Club


Sarah Ruenes (BVB International Academy) Madeline Ellis (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Mia Knobbe (Lou Fusz), Taylor Vinson (RISE Soccer Club), Jessica Dodd (Sporting St. Louis), Alyssa Cappuccio (SA City Soccer Club), Lauren Littleton (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Caitlyn Smith (Sporting St. Louis), Mia Brumlow (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Cameron Patton (Lonestar SC Academy), Kylie Anderson (Sporting St. Louis), Olivia Baca (Sporting St. Louis), Tyler Coker (Lonestar SC Academy), Rubi Ortiz (RISE Soccer Club), Caroline Fowlkes (Houston Dynamo Dash Youth Soccer Club), Lauren Vacek (BVB International Academy)

Coach: Melanie Zeigner, BVB International Academy NTX

Unable to attend

Megan Rogan (Lou Fusz Athletic) Morgan Vinson (RISE Soccer Club) Ella Robinson (Lou Fusz Athletic) Jasmyn Brown (Kansas Rush) Haydan Erck (Houston Dash) Lily Patterson (Lou Fusz)

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