Girls Academy Talent ID: Frontier

Girls Academy Talent ID: Frontier
by J.R. Eskilson
June 14, 2021

The Girls Academy League hosted a Talent Identification event for the Frontier Conference in Carrollton, Texas on Sunday. The event featured the top talent from the 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 age groups. Girls Academy officials have state that these events will be scouted by U.S. Youth National Team scouts. 

Houston Dash led the way with 36 players invited to attend the event. Rise SC had 24 players invited. Lonestar SC had 23 players while Colorado Rush had 21 players. 

The event featured training and games for the top players in the region. With the crowded summer schedule, a number of players elected not to attend the one-day showcase. For those who did attend, it was a good opportunity to train at a high-level and put together game film for perspective college coaches. 



GK: Caroline Dill (Lonestar), Madi Valenti (Lou Fusz)

D: Olivia Piepier (Houston Dash), Aissata Kante (Kansas Rush), Allyson Brown (Lonestar), Echo Malinowski-Cunningham (Rise SC), Ellen Persson (Houston Dash), Sabrina Blount (Lonestar), Isabelle Scott (Lonestar), Kelsey Koenig (Rise SC), Mia Tuckwood (Rise SC), Laney Gonzalez (Houston Dash)

M: Hadley Wormser (Rise SC), Kylie E. Smith (Colorado Rush), Kennedy Baquero (Houston Dash), Caroline Carter (Kansas Rush), Jayden Garza (Rise SC), Danielle Shannon (Houston Dash), Katherine Williams (Houston Dash), Shelby King (BVB International)

F: Hillary Griffin (Rise SC), Arianna Doss (Rise SC), Kennedy Floyd (Houston Dash), Ruth Vasquez (Oklahoma Energy), Jessica Molina (Houston Dash), Samara Sanders (BVB International), Ashley Washburn (Houston Dash), Madeline Xiong (Rise SC) 


Did not attend: Danielle Jacobson (Colorado Rush), Sydney Cheesman (Colorado Rush), Kathryn Lennon (Houston Dash), Ellie Geoffroy (Oklahoma Energy), Sydney Lee (Oklahoma Energy), Talisa Lin (Colorado Rush), Mallory Allen (Lonestar), Kacie Laurie (Colorado Rush), Raine Komata (Colorado Rush), Rylee Zamora (Rise SC), Kaylie Chambers (Colorado Rush)

Coaches: Colin Rocke, Wesley Schevers



GK: Madeline Ellis (Houston Dash), Libby Brooker (Lonestar SC), Rebecca Winton (Colorado Rush)

D: Sidney Weigel (Colorado Rush), Brooklyn Bumgardner (Houston Dash), Nora Kolerich (Lonestar SC), Lily Patterson (Lou Fusz), Lauren Steinlage (Kansas Rush), Grace Ritchie (Rise SC), Ashlyn Neireiter (Houston Dash), Addison O'Kelley (Lonestar), Jessica Dodd (Lou Fusz), Taylor Vinson (Rise SC), Amanda Rephlo (Rise SC)

M: Remy Baskind (Colorado Rush), Ava Shannon (Houston Dash), Mia Brumlow (Houston Dash), Aidan Carpenter (Lonestar), Meris Cody (Houston Dash), Isabella Dillow (Houston Dash), Kara Harris (Lonestar SC), Emma Yosten (BVB International) Marin Vines (Lou Fusz)

F: Morgan Vinson (Rise SC), Morgan Hannah Huff (Rise SC), Justina Tennyson (Rise SC), Blaine Schutte (Lou Fusz), Taite DeLange (Colorado Rush), Caroline Fowlkes (Houston Dash)

Did Not Attend: Baylor Franz (Oklahoma Energy), Jasmyn Brown (Kansas Rush), Hannah Voskuhl (Oklahoma Energy), Brenna Rowlett (Oklahoma Energy), Peyton Nourse (Colorado Rush), Cameron Patton (Lonestar), Lauren Knox (Lou Fusz), Payton Lauer (Lou Fusz), Avery Mask (Oklahoma Energy), Sophia Moore (BVB International), Adyson Bechtel (Oklahoma Energy), Lauren Littleton (Houston Dash)

Coaches: Vedad Hadzajilic, Roderick Scott 



GK: Sian Karani (Kansas Rush), Iris Dewitt (Houston Dash)

D: Jordan Whiteaker (Colorado Rush), Rowan Faircloth (Houston Dash), Isabel Peters (Lonestar SC), Courtlyn Cook (BVB International), Ava Scorfina (Lou Fusz), Aria Craig (Houston Dash), Kelsey Vaughn (Houston Dash), Jazel DeOliveira (Lonestar), Reagan Cox (BVB International)

M: Sarah Shelburne (Houston Dash), Kaitlyn Bautista (BVB International), Chelsea Cross (Rise SC), Ana Sofia Cedeno (Houston Dash), Danika Duncan (Lonestar), Abigail Mayock (Lonestar)

F: Camryn Mckinnie (BVB International), Hope Thao (Colorado Rush), Lauren Fincher (Houston Dash), Sierra Ache (Lonestar), Sadie Ozymy (BVB International), Laurel Kelley (Rise SC), Olivia Christodoulides (Lonestar), Maggie Gawrych (Lou Fusz)

Did not attend: Elizabeth Mackensie Passwaters (Oklahoma Energy), Camille Kollar (Colorado Rush), Gibson Graham (Oklahoma Energy), Ava Thielke (Oklahoma Energy), Mea Daul (Rise SC), Mia Encina (Lonestar), Riley MacDonald (Colorado Rush), Cate Sarinopoulos (Colorado Rush), Alix Regier (Oklahoma Energy), Genevieve LaMarche (Oklahoma Energy) 

Coaches: Audrey Gutierrez, Sophia Mundy



GK: Abigail Agosta (Houston Dash), Danica Ly (Rise SC), Patty Staton (Houston Dash), Emily Sanabria (Lou Fusz) 

D: Nuria Nuria Craig (Houston Dash), Emma Lovell (Houston Dash), Alyssa Lamb (Lou Fusz), Molly Shepherd (Oklahoma Energy), Francesca Johnson (Rise SC), Sohana Spencer (Houston Dash), Addison Baldus (Lou Fusz), Olivia Wright (Oklahoma Energy), America Moreno (Rise SC)

M: Bella Torres (Colorado Rush), Ellie Morgan (Houston Dash), Shelby Hollywood (Lonestar), Lana Adams (Lou Fusz), Alicia Chi (Rise SC), Hanna McKay (Colorado Rush), Jasmine Diaz (Houston Dash), Sophia Saludares (Houston Dash), Landry Hopkins (Lou Fusz), Brynley Koehler (Oklahoma Energy), Aly Bryant (Lou Fusz)

F: Grace White (Lou Fusz), Madison Taylor (Houston Dash), Rhegan Coombs (Rise SC), Eleanor Hodsden (Lonestar), Dayla Henderson (Houston Dash), Katie Johnston (Oklahoma Energy), Haley Nguyen (Rise SC)

Did not attend: Brooklyn Escobar (Lonestar), Peyton Duffing (Lou Fusz), Maria Reyes (Lonestar), Ava Arnold (Colorado Rush), Rylee McLanahan (Oklahoma Energy), Chloe Burst (Lonestar), Makaellia Giron (Colorado Rush), Riley Henderson (Lou Fusz), Maryam Ladkani (Sporting Blue Valley)

Coaches: Brittain Rademacher, Carlos Parra

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