MLS is Back: Young prospects to watch Pt. 1

by Travis Clark
July 6, 2020
MLS is Back: Young prospects to watch Pt. 1

The MLS is Back tournament is slated to kick off this week. Barring a last-minute decision to shutter the tournament, the bulk of the 26 MLS franchises are entrenched in the bubble for the next month.

The coming weeks offers a chance for younger players to make an impression on their respective coaches. It’s not going to be easy; veterans are likely to factor more significantly with a Concacaf Champions League spot available to the winners along with $1.1 million in prize money.

Of course, whether or not the tournament actually takes place could change on what happens over the next few days, considering the fact several FC Dallas players have tested positive.

Young, domestic players have a big chance to make a statement in the coming weeks, provided the tournament goes ahead. Below is a look at one domestic player to watch per each MLS franchise, under the age of 23.

This is part one of a three-article series.

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