Pac-12 Academy recruits analyzed at playoffs

Pac-12 Academy recruits analyzed at playoffs
July 26, 2011

Dallas, TX – In the bristling heat with some days that had severe windy conditions at the US Development Academy playoffs and showcase, I assessed the incoming college freshmen grouped by conference and school for the games that I was able to attend. On each day, there were two groups for playoffs and I was able to attend a few of the showcase matches as well.

The level of parental participation and organization is vastly differently between clubs. For example, Irvine, Lonestar, and St. Louis Gallagher Missouri have a parent that hands out lineups of their teams and they are available to answer questions for both college coaches and media. These parents were extremely instrumental in helping me to fill any gaps that I had on their teams. I would suggest other clubs might want to copy this model to better inform/sell their players.



  • boys club soccer player connor halliseyConnor Hallisey
    Seth Casiple (California Development Academy) – is an outstanding passer who controls the strings that generate the CDA offense.  I like how he quickly changes the point of attack to capitalize on defense weaknesses.  
  • Connor Hallisey (California Development Academy) – scored a goal by shifting his speed and accelerating past Matthew Jeffery (Player Development Academy) and shooting the ball past the goalkeeper.  He tallied assists for the other 2 goals.  Passing is one of his strengths.
  • Omid Jalali (Irvine Strikers) – tried to draw a penalty kick from Sporting KC’s Andrew Brown in the first half; close, but the referee got the call right.  Jalali is a good dribbler.  He took a quick, precise first touch, but he missed the goal.  Quick turn and a quick shot – but high.
  • Chris Rawji (Irvine Strikers) – effective getting forward from his center back position.  He’s a smart player with quality touches.  Rawji times his tackles well and elegantly intercepts the ball with a quick mind, feet and instincts.
  • Tyler Simkins (Irvine Strikers) – made a few nice passes early, but his vision is lacking and his decision making is questionable.  He plays the ball into the teeth of the defense when he could change the point to the other side to a more open teammate.

 Oregon State

  • Glenn Paden (Seattle Sounders) – came on in the last few minutes against St. Louis Scott Gallagher Missouri and he didn’t do anything notable.

San Diego State

  • Kendall Modiste (California Development Academy) – is very technical and extremely calm and confident on the ball.  He was moved to left back from his defensive midfield position to neutralize the speed of Hayden Harr (Player Development Academy) – it was an effective move.  He needs to hit the weight room to get stronger against college players.


  • Jimmy Callinan (San Jose Earthquakes) – is dangerous flying up the right side.  He has quick feet and he is an accomplished passer.  Callinan scored the first goal after combining with Jorge Valdovinos, Callinan hit a far post shot that struck the inside of the post and went into the goal.  Before I tracked down that he was going to Stanford, I was determined that he be included in this article, because of his upside.  His head trap early in the first half was hopeful and not exceptionally executed.


  • Drew White (Seattle Sounders) – is a competent defender with decent leaping ability.  He looks awkward on the ball.

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