Top 100 players aiming for starting spots

Top 100 players aiming for starting spots
April 18, 2011
In their own words, some of our Top 100 players broke down their prospects of collegiate success as they move closer to joining their programs.

Forward Connor Hallisey (California Development Academy), heading to California
Top 100 Ranking: No. 62
Expectations: “I hope to start and make the all-freshmen team. The most important goal of mine is to raise the level of the team and help guide us to another NCAA Tournament, along with winning the Pac-10 championship
Strength: “I bring a threat of speed and creativity from the wide areas of the field.”
Area needs to improve: “I have always been more of an offensive player and to become a better all around player and succeed at the next level I think I need to improve my defense.”
Preparation: “I have been training with my Development Academy team and also going to a strength training program. If we make the playoffs the season won’t end until July and I think that would help me stay in good shape until I leave for California.”

boys youth club soccer player james weberJames Weber
Forward James Weber (North Shore United), heading to Xavier
Top 100 Ranking: No. 49
Expectations: “I just want to make as big an impact as possible, whether it’s scoring goals, setting up others or just cheering on my teammates. I would love to be the guy that people look to when we need a goal.”
Strength: “I bring a threat up front that defenses have to be aware of. I like opening up the defense so my teammates have more space to work with.”
Area needs to improve: “I need to improve on my fitness so I’ll always be able to make runs off the ball.”
Preparation: “I am playing with a few youth teams in Europe and training as much as possible on my own with my club team.”

Goalkeeper Andrew Wolverton (Concorde Fire), heading to Penn State
Top 100 Ranking: No. 66
Expectations: “I am looking to come onto the team and compete for a starting position. I’d also like to make the Big Ten’s all-freshmen team.”
Strength: “My work ethic. I hope it will match or even push the rest of the team, especially the goalkeepers.”
Area needs to improve: “I’m working on my quickness due to the speed of play at the collegiate level.”
Preparation: “I’m working every day with my team and my goalkeeper coach. I have been working to improve my strength and conditioning.”  

Midfielder Troy Peterson (Seattle Sounders), heading to College of Charleston
Top 100 Ranking: No. 75
Expectations: “I want to come on and make a difference right away and be a vital part of my team making it deep into the NCAA Tournament.”
Strength: “I’m a player who can distribute the ball and keep the flow of the game moving. I can also create a lot of chances.”
Area needs to improve: “I need to improve my left foot along with being able to move forward into the attack and score more goals. I also need to become more physical.”
Preparation: “I’m working out in the gym a lot and with the Sounders as much as possible. I am taking every opportunity to become a better player and prepare myself for the next level.”
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