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by TopDrawerSoccer
June 21, 2017

Welcome to the landing page for all of topDrawerSoccer’s exclusive coverage of the 2017 Development Academy Playoffs and Showcase. 


Pre-event coverage: Sleeper teams from the U16 age group | Teams to watch in the U18 age group | U18 Development Academy Playoff Preview | U16 Development Academy Preview | U14 Development Academy Showcase Preview

Video Previews: U16 Development Academy Playoff Preview | U18 Development Academy Playoff Preview | U14 Showcase Preview

Event Coverage

U14 Showcase: Opening Day Standouts | Day 2 stars | Best from Friday

U16 Showcase: Day 1's top performers | Best from Friday | Saturday's fray | Showcase finales

Playoffs: Group openers | Second day standouts | Group finale stars | Photo Gallery

Best XIs

U14 Showcase | U16 Showcase | U16 Playoffs | U18 Playoffs

Knockout Coverage

U16 Quarterfinals preview | U18 Quarterfinals preview | U16 Quarterfinals recap | U18 Quarterfinals recap

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