US Youth announces Boys ODP NTC rosters

US Youth announces Boys ODP NTC rosters
by US Youth Soccer
January 22, 2020
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The U.S. Youth Soccer ODP National Training Camp takes place in Florida this week. 

Below are the boys rosters for the event. Check out the complete schedule here.

US Youth Soccer ODP

2006 Boys Team

National Training Camp

Zachary Adams, Midwest, KS

John Bence, East, PAW

Elliot Berry, South, OK

Jafet Figueroa, South, KY

Joshua Hancock, East, ME

Gershon Henry, Midwest, MI

Michael Iemma, East, ENY

Jack Jeremiah, West, HI

Blake Kelly, Midwest, MI

Zachary Kennedy, Midwest, IN

Brody Laga, West, UT

Hayden Levin, West, CA

Loukas Pasiourtis, South, FL

Stephen Parker Patterson, West, HI

Louis Pelo, East, ENY

Shawn Platts, South, FL

Nicholas Roe, Midwest, IL

Kevin Roy, East, MD

Khaled Saavedra, South, FL

Owen Walsh, South, GA

Roen Youkstetter, West, UT

Lal Zar, West, WA

Ryan Zellefrow, East, EPA

US Youth Soccer ODP

2005 Boys Team

National Training Camp

Jasiah Acosta, Midwest, WI

Walker Barnes, South, NC

Jacobo Betancourt, South, TX

Kieran Chandler, East, CT

Dane Gallegos, West, NM

Zachary Giles, West, CA

Edward Hudcovic, West, HI

Matthew Hudson, Midwest, IA

Atticus Jones, West, NV

Victor Mateo, West, NV

Paul Thomas Melendres, West, NM

Noah Miller, South, AL

Ariel Nunez, South, NC

Marcelo Picallo, South, FL

Alvaro Picon, West, CA

Mekhi Stewart, South, TN

Michael Stukenholtz, Midwest, NE

Liam Tucker, Midwest, OH

William Wackerfuss, South, TN

Trevor Walk, West, UT

Tyler Weiss, East, EPA

Tristan Wouters, West, CA

Osher Zmira, Midwest, MN

US Youth Soccer ODP

2004 Boys Team

National Training Camp

Connor Braun, East, VA

Kevin Butler, East, ENY

Nicholas Cassiday, Midwest, MI

Stephen Connor, East, NJ

Brent Fields, East, VA

Colton Franklin, West, CA

Anthony Godinez, West, OR

Owen Knecht, West, UT

Nicholas Laffey, East, MD

Nathan Macek, East, MD

Mark Martinez-Rios, West, UT

Landon Mohney, East, PAW

Samuel Moore, Midwest, IL

Cooper Noseworthy, East, VA

Naime Odeh, West, UT

Colin Reed, Midwest, KY

Lucas Rizzo, South, AL

Nathan Schlessinger, East, PAW

Evan Schroeder, South, GA

Sean Stenger, Midwest, MO

Gabe Stevens, West, OR

Rhys Ward, Midwest, IA

Matthew Webb, South, GA

US Youth Soccer ODP

2003/2002 Boys Team

National Training Camp

Shane Brown, East, EPA

Roland Dearborn, Midwest, IL

Adrian Galindo, West, AZ

Jacob Garcia, West, AZ

Scott Gustafson, West, OR

Cole Johnson, West, AZ

Zacary Kelly, Midwest, MI

Nicolo Krueger, East, EPA

Mason Lucas, Midwest, IA

Casey Lund, West, CA

Ian McGill, South, NC

Jordan McMillan, East, VA

Eli Nixon, West, UT

Chris Peretti, Midwest, ID

Henry Regalado, South, FL

Landon Robbins, South, TN

Sebastian Romero, West, CA

Joshua Sczech, South, TX

Michael Sedano, West, CA

Edward Smith, South, NC

Connor Swope, East, EPA

Ethan Taylor, East, VA

Andrew Valverde, West, CA

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