MLS Homegrowns draw 2-2 with Chivas U20s

MLS Homegrowns draw 2-2 with Chivas U20s
by Travis Clark
August 2, 2017

Reading too much into an exhibition game is unwise.

There was still plenty to glean, however, from Tuesday's matchup between an MLS Homegrown side and a Chivas Under-20 squad. More so about the league and the direction it's heading than Wednesday night's All-Star game, at least.

Tusday's game was at least ripe with goals and entertainment, even if the soccer itself was hit or miss at times. That wasn't a huge shock, given the nature of cobbling together a team, sending them into a couple of training sessions and then heading onto the field.

MLS Homegrown head coach Brian McBride did his part, deploying his side in a 3-4-3, which certainly had something to do with the personnel, but also opened the game up for both sides.

Colorado Rapids and former Denver center back Kortne Ford provided the equalizer, scoring a looping header in stoppage time to secure a last-gasp 2-2 draw in Bridgeview, Illinois. Djordje Mihailovic scored the opening goal within the first minute of the game.

Below are some player notes and observations from Tuesday's 2-2 draw.

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