2014 recruits update on college search

by J.R. Eskilson & Travis Clark
April 2, 2012
2014 recruits update on college search

This week, TopDrawerSoccer.com talked to a few of the best recruits from the 2014 class about the recruiting process, what they look for in a potential school, and the ideal destination.

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Indigo Gibson, Defender, So Cal Blues U16

Graduation Year: 2014

Potential Schools: UCSB, Cal Berkeley, UC Irvine, Stanford, Ohio, Clemson, Oregon, and Colorado

As one of the top ranked defenders in Southern California, Indigo Gibson has schools all across the country vying for her verbal commitment, but the So Cal Blues star is still sizing up her options.

“The most important thing for me (from the soccer aspect) when looking at colleges is the type of coach,” Gibson told TopDrawerSoccer.com. “I play my best with a coach that will motivate me. From an educational aspect, I am looking for a top-ranked university, preferably on the West Coast, in an urban setting, and have my major of choice – either business or pharmacy.”

Given those parameters it is no wonder Gibson highlighted Cal Berkeley and Stanford, as the top schools on her list right now.

Katy Keen, Midfielder, Carmel United U16

Graduation Year: 2014

It’s never easy when some of the best recruits in the country have to make a decision on where to go, but for Keen, a standout with Carmel United’s U16s, she’s casting a wide net.

“My parents have encouraged me to be open to different options and to visit as many campuses as possible during this process, so no decisions yet, but I do hope to narrow it down soon,” she told TopDrawerSoccer.com.

But what she’s specifically looking for in a program is easy to pin down right now.

“My priorities are a big school with a top women’s soccer program, great coaches and team connection, with a strong focus on both the academic and athletic success of their student athletes,” she explained.

She’s made a few unofficial visits at this stage in the process, and has received information from numerous schools, including the likes of Maryland, Penn State, UNC, Kentucky, Santa Clara, Tennessee, and Oregon State sending camp brochures.

Keen is in no rush to make a decision, although she did say she hopes to know by the summer.

“I would like to make a commitment by ECNL nationals but will wait until I find the best fit and I am confident of my decision,” she said.

Megan Hinz, Goalkeeper, Freestate Soccer Alliance U16

Graduation Year: 2014

As this young goalkeeper studies her options for playing in college, Megan Hinz is hoping that she can stay involved in soccer for a very long time.

“I am looking to make a career out of soccer,” she told TopDrawerSoccer.com. “I want to coach in college one day, so I am looking for a college experience that will continue to help me grow in the game as a player, but even more importantly as a coach.”

Hinz said she was looking forward to the ECNL event in San Diego where she played over the weekend, as it provided an opportunity for her to showcase her skills in front of some west coast coaches who may not have seen her yet.

That’s not to say she’s constraining her options geographically, instead hoping for the right fit.

“I want a school that has strong academics, and a history of strong and spirited athletics,” Hinz said. “I am not limiting my options by location, so it has made the task of narrowing down my options a bit more difficult then some of my teammates.”

With that in mind, she’s made visits to different schools all over the country, in the northeast, midwest, west, and southeast. She’s certainly not trying to rush through the process.

“I want to make sure that I have found the right fit, so I have not set a deadline,” Hinz said. “I have seen a good number of schools though, and am starting to feel more comfortable with what I am looking for in a school.”

Maddie Burdick, Midfielder, Atlanta Fire United U16

Graduation Year:  2014

For Burdick, an outstanding midfielder from the Atlanta area, what she’s looking for in a school is pretty straightforward.

“I am looking for a college program where I can make an impact right away,” she told TopDrawerSoccer.com. “It is important to me to feel comfortable with the coaches and feel confident that they can make me a better player.”

The midfielder has experience with youth national team camps at the U14 and U15 age groups, and has attracted attention from several schools. She’s said she’s visited seven in all, including programs in power conferences like the ACC, SEC and Big East.

With an ideal destination not too far from home at a Division 1 school along the east coast, Burdick is hoping to make a decision by the end of her sophomore year.