ECNL U14 Top Scorers: May update

ECNL U14 Top Scorers: May update
by J.R. Eskilson
May 25, 2016

The ECNL is rolling to the final stages of the season with only a few weeks left in the 2015-2016 campaign. This weekend, the elite girls club soccer league heads to New Jersey for the final National Event of the season. 

While the majority of age groups head to Zarepheth for the event, the U14 group is sitting out this weekend, which provides the perfect opportunity to update the top scorers list for the season. Solar’s Trinity Byars continues to lead the charge as she closes in on 30 goals with two games left in the season. 

ECNL U14 Top 10 Goal Scorers (name, club, birth year) 

1. Trinity Byars, Solar Chelsea Soccer Club, 2003 - 29 goals

2. Isabelle D’Aquila, So Cal Blues, 2001 - 28 goals 

3. Diana Ordonez, FC Dallas, 2001 - 24 goals 

4. Talia DellaPeruta, Tophat Soccer Club, 2002 - 20 goals 

5. Samantha Williams, So Cal Blues, 2001 - 19 goals 

5. Elizabeth Ospeck, Mustang SC, 2002 - 19 goals 

5. Raigen Powell, Solar Chelsea Soccer Club, 2002 - 19 goals 

8. Emma Hiscock, Michigan Hawks, 2001 - 17 goals 

9. Dasia Torbert, GSA, 2002 - 16 goals

10. Amanda Winquist, Internationals SC, 2002 - 15 goals 

10. Campbell Neste, Washington Premier, 2002 - 15 goals 


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Check out the top ten goal scorers from every conference below. 

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