Fantasy drafting the top boys prospects

by Will Parchman
May 4, 2016
Fantasy drafting the top boys prospects

As the years advance, the pool of top boys American soccer players who haven’t turned pro by 18 shrinks.

But there are plenty of them out there, and today we’re pinning them all to our collective draft board and running through a theoretical fantasy draft. What if MLS had a prospects draft and threw the entirety of the pool’s unsigned boys players into the available pot? You might get something like this.

The draft positioning is an amalgamation of multiple criteria, stretching from in-season form to YNT performances to immediate impact to overall potential as I’ve assessed it. There are plenty of quality players at the youngest age group we rank (2019), but the older players get most of the spotlight today based on their furthered development.

You can see our girls draft from earlier this week here. Now, it’s the boys’ turn to enter the draft room.

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