GA Southwest Talent ID - Rosters

GA Southwest Talent ID - Rosters
by J.R. Eskilson
April 26, 2021

The Girls Academy is hosting the Southwest Talent Identification on Monday, April 26. The purpose of the talent identification for the Girls Academy League is to help identify the top players from a few of the age groups and get them into an environment where they train together and then play against each in an afternoon game - similar to how U.S. Soccer is structuring the Regional Talent Identification events in key markets across the country in 2021. The Girls Academy League is advertising that players taking part of these Talent ID will be scouted by U.S. Soccer Youth National Team scouts. 

Below is the roster for the four age groups competing on Monday at the GA SW Talent ID. 


GA Southwest Talent ID Roster - 2004 

Team 1

GK: Savanna Tavares (City SC), Sophie Kevorkian (Albion SC)

Defenders: Casey DeHaan (City SC), Kiersten Smith (Utah Royals FC -AZ), Julianne Veloria (SC del Sol), Riley Arribas (West Coast FC)

Midfielders: Lily O’Grady (City SC), Jaelyn Pallas (Utah Royals FC-AZ), Gritsey Ramirez (West Coast FC), Isabella Leonard (Utah Royals FC), Amber Mallas (Albion SC LV), Jacey Martinez (West Coast FC)

Forwards: Ellie Johannes (Utah Royals-AZ), Ellie Davidson (City SC), Addison Slinger (Albion SC)


Team 2

GK: Taylor Prigge (Utah Royals FC-AZ), Laurynn Ziller (West Coast FC)

Defenders: Julia Holmes (Albion SC), Riley Knudsen (City SC), Riley Brown (Utah Royals-AZ), Ryann Cull (City SC

Midfielders: Holland Carey (Utah Royals-AZ), Ella Osmussen (SC del Sol), Tatum Thomason (SC del Sol), Isabella Srodes (Albion SC LV), Mirayah Villalpando (Albion SC)

Forwards: Eissa Quinones (Beach FC), Katie Willoughby (Utah Royals-AZ), Annika Smith (Utah Royals-AZ)


GA Southwest Talent ID Roster - 2005 

Team 1 

GK: Jennifer Groves (SC del Sol)

Defenders: Brianna Garcia (LA Surf), Francesca Sclipei (Albion SC), Mia Geiger (West Coast FC), Jenna Grider (Albion SC), Brynn Belcher (Albion SC LV), Eva Acker (Utah Royals AZ)

Midfielders: Eleanor Yamada (Beach FC), Isabella Ayau (Albion SC), Grace Thao (West Coast), Hannah Magashima (Beach FC), Caroline Kessler (Utah Royals AZ)

Forwards: Alexandra Little (City SC), Hope Leyba (Utah Royals AZ), Hannah Mulholland (Utah Royals), Malia Leupold (City SC)


Team 2

GK: Katelyn Beaman (West Coast

Defenders: Faith Leyba (Utah Royals AZ), Annie DeHaan (City SC), Ella Rustand (SC del Sol), Elizabeth Cavanaugh (Albion SC)

Midfielders: Taylor Esper (Albion SC), Anna Castenfelt (Utah Royals AZ), Isabela Menes (West Coast), Milan Cordone (Albion SC LV), Bree Sanderson (West Coast)

Forwards: Alia Matavao (Albion SC LV), Kate Dalton (City SC), Kristen Puels (SC del Sol), Xayla Black (Albion SC LV), Larkin Thomason (SC del Sol)


GA Southwest Talent ID Roster - 2006 

Team 1 

GK: Taylor Davis (City SC)

Defenders: Carlie Davis (SC del Sol), Milan Heisdorf (West Coast), Kaiya Luevano (City SC), Paxton Bock (SC del Sol), Katherine Le (West Coast)

Midfielders: Caroline Boeckman (SC del Sol), Mckenzie Jost (Utah Royals AZ), Gabriella Nacelli (West Coast), Stephenie Hackett (Albion SC LV), JuJu Arensdorf (Beach FC), Sofia Walters (SC del Sol)

Forwards: Jessica Bedolla (SC del Sol), Emily Davey (West Coast)


Team 2

Goalkeeper: Ayana Yapo (SC del Sol)

Defenders: Keira Mitchell (Albion SC LV), Kaitlyn Metz (LA Surf), Camryn Gold (City SC), Lizzie Boamah (Albion SC)

Midfielders: Tegan Schmutz-Smith (Albion SC LV), Makenna Liebman (SC del Sol), Chelsea Loeser (West Coast), Isabella Werneck (Utah Royals AZ), Kennedy Herman (Albion SC LV), Kaela Martinez (Albion SC), Amanda McKendry (Beach FC)

Forwards: Jordyn Womack (Albion SC LV), Riley Crooks (West Coast 


GA Southwest Talent ID Roster - 2007 

Team 1 

Goalkeeper: Reece Reichwald (Utah Royals AZ)

Defenders: Caelan Kenney (City SC), Abbie Mosca (City SC), Sienna Hidalgo (West Coast), Tatum Manley (Albion SC LV), Jacey Phillips (Albion SC LV)

Midfielders: Savannah Enriquez (City SC), Sophia Kwon (Beach FC), Emmy Stoft (Utah Royals AZ), Abigail Rice (Utah Royals AZ), Ashlyn Puerta (Albion SC), Avery Costa (Albion SC LV), Elise Bolanos (LA Surf), Paige Pasinski (SC del Sol), Emma Langraphi-Hill-Hill (West Coast) 

Forwards: Aynsley Nuckols (SC del Sol), Olivia Yu (SC del Sol), Maya Paeske (City SC), Sophia Zboyan (City SC)


Team 2

Goalkeepers: Kennedy Zorn (SC del Sol), Kailey Carlen (Albion SC)

Defenders: Kayla Rivers (Albion SC), Veronica Jimenez (Beach FC), Mya Stenehjem (Utah Royals AZ), Sophia Speziale (Albion SC), Kensington Morgan (City SC)

Midfielders: Brianna Hernandez (West Coast), Alexis Valderrama (Albion SC), Lia Peterson (City SC), Sophia May (Albion SC), Ashley May (City SC), Reese Stringer (Beach FC), Lauren Stevens (City SC), Caprice Chiuchiolo (Utah Royals AZ)

Forwards: Avery Munoz (City SC), KK Ream (Utah Royals AZ), Lily Nesland (West Coast FC), Kaylee Muniz (Utah Royals AZ)

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