Girls Academy Talent ID: Mid-America

Girls Academy Talent ID: Mid-America
by J.R. Eskilson
June 21, 2021

The Girls Academy League hosted a Talent ID for the Mid-America Conference last week in Vernon Hills, Illinois. The league brought together the top players from the 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 age groups for the one-day event on June 17. 

Nationals led the way with 23 players called into the camp between the four age groups. Take a look at the rosters from each age group below. 



GK: Elise Krone (FC United), Batoul Reda (Michigan Jaguars), Leah Wolf (Nationals)

D: Sam Bodensteiner (Sockers FC), Sydney Hawks (Nationals), Kylie Maderski (SC Wave), Shae Doherty (Sockers FC), Payton Fitzpatrick (Michigan Jaguars), Sydney Taylor (Cincinnati United), Ella Offer (Nationals)

M: Gabrielle Britt (Cincinnati United), Olivia Chianelli (Sockers FC), Sydney Longo (Nationals), Brooke Opferman (Beadling SC), Aubrey Robertson (Indy Premier), Angela Gutierrez (MN Eclipse), Mallory McGuire (FC United), Emily O’Malley (Nationals), Campbell Jewell (Cincinnati United), Elena Zuchowski (SC Wave)

F: Josie Bieda (Sockers FC), Kali Burrell (FC United), Emma Kozicki (Nationals), Amalia Villarreal (Michigan Jaguars), Jillian Marvin (Beadling SC), Kyra Karbonat (Michigan Jaguars), Kennedy Josephs (Salvo SC), Marin Wessner (Michigan Jaguars), Taylor White (Cincinnati United), Nadia Zaborowski (Indy Premier)

Coaches: Fabrice Gautrat, Erica Marshall 



GK: Kealey Titmuss (Nationals), Sarah Martin (MN Eclipse), Mira Issar (FC United)

D: Julie Bergan (MN Eclipse), Piper Düpier (SC Wave), Lauren Richards (Sockers FC), Abigail Skiff (Nationals), Keegan Schmeiser (FC United), Skyler Bierker (Beadling SC), Maddi Johnston (SC Wave), Madison Sands (Cincinnati United), Samantha Glover (Nationals)

M: Ava Arengo (Cincinnati United), Ava Bramblett (Indy Premier), Olivia Duray (Sockers FC), Paige Dziedzic (FC United), Ella Łuną (SC Wave), Mae Nephew (Salvo SC), Kennedy Clark (Cincinnati United), Revati Ignaczak (Michigan Jaguars), Ella Lamb (Sockers FC)

F: Grace Hoytink (SC Wave), Samantha Miller (Beadling SC), Macey Miller (Indy Premier), Amanda Schlueter (Cincinnati United), Caroline Birdsell (FC United), Lily Lindquist (MN Eclipse), Amanda Simon (Michigan Jaguars), Katelyn Beulke (MN Eclipse), Ava Kenaan (Nationals)

Coaches: Chris Wright, JR Little



GK:Paige Dornheggen (Cincinnati United), Macie Hunter (Michigan Jaguars), Payton O’Malley (Century)

D: McKinley Berry (Nationals), Abigail Bishara (Cincinnati United), Sydney Hooks (Nationals), Anisha Willis (Century), Addison Soroka (FC United), Keira Billis (Nationals), Camryn Klein (Century), Chloe Robinson (Sockers FC), Lindsey Ciss (FC United), Emily Kolodin (Michigan Jaguars)

M: Claire Tracy (SC Wave), Arabela Martinez (Cincinnati United), Mya Nugent (FC United), Kaleigh Shafer (Nationals), Kelly Wilson (Sockers FC), Julia Bursick (Century), Olivia Lagoy (Beadling SC), Meren Patton (Indy Premier), Charlotte Bien (Nationals), Taylor Richards (FC United)

F: Emily Graham (Indy Premier), Macy Malecki (Michigan Jaguars), Audriana Ryhner (Cincinnati United), Ceilidh Whynott (Salvo SC), Madison Hurst (Beadling SC), Grace Ferency (Century), Gabriella Paonessa (Nationals), Anna Sikorski (SC Wave), Ella Jablinskey (Nationals)

Coaches: Kevin Gowrie, Sarah Fitzstephens 



GK: Molly Vapensky (FC United), Brooklynn Harding (Nationals), Chloe Zipprich (FC United)

D: Lily Cook (Cincinnati United), Sophia Benavides (Nationals), Ariadne Herrera (Indy Premier), Tyra Chu (Nationals), Lauren McCaul (Michigan Jaguars), Jillian Botti (Beadling SC), Audrey Alberts (FC United), Ashlyn Alanis (Scores FC), Olivia Ogden (Nationals)

M: Haylee Aranda-Rios (FC United), Cora Conley (Michigan Jaguars), Cole Lance (Indy Premier), Rylie Morse (Cincinnati United), Cadence Conrad (Indy Premier), Aubree Ciampa (Nationals), Lauren Flax (Cincinnati United), Elle Wildman (Salvo SC), Sophia McMillan (Sockers FC)

F: Sophia Bowman (Michigan Jaguars), Sloane May (Indy Premier), Lily Phillips (Michigan Jaguars), Brynn Ramsey (Beadling sC), Micayla Johnson (Nationals), Riley Lijewski (Salvo SC), Elise May (Indy Premier), Lexi O’Shea (Cincinnati United), Simran Sharma (FC United), Tatum Borman (Cincinnati United)

Coaches: Rudy Cleveland, Trisha Wellock 

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