Maximizing ID Camp, Showcase experiences

by TopDrawerSoccer
July 29, 2021
Maximizing ID Camp, Showcase experiences

When it comes time to the recruiting process, it’s important to know every available tool at a prospective student athlete’s disposal.

College ID Camps and Showcase tournaments can be two critical components to getting in front of college coaches. The former is an opportunity to work hands-on with a coaching staff, and you’ll get the chance to see the campus and facilities from a different perspective, not to mention be seen for a longer period of time. Showcase tournaments can present the opportunity for a recruit to be evaluated in a competitive atmosphere, with a trophy on the line in many cases.

At IMG Academy, the soccer coaches work from an extensive checklist to prepare recruits for these events. From doing the research to contacting coaches, there’s a great deal to think about beyond just your performance between the lines.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind about ID Camps and Showcases.

When and where to look for these events 

-ID Camps

  • Begin looking the spring of your sophomore year to plan for the summer.

  • Continue to research camps held during your winter and spring breaks.

  • Attend camps at schools you’re interested in. Also, some camps are held by an organization at one site with college coaches in attendance. More eyes can be on you at those events, but you won’t be at the campus of yourschool of interest.


  • Work with your club coach to decide what showcases would be beneficial for exposure – research the number of colleges attending, specifically the schools you may have interest in.

Why it’s important to fit them into your schedule:

  • Always search for opportunities to be seen year-round. Coaches attend different showcases, and some focus their recruiting efforts geographically, so it’s important to have a broad approach to the process. Get in front of as many coaches as possible.

What to do at these events and what coaches are looking for:

  • Do your best to try and communicate with coaches prior to an event. Having a sense of what they are looking for can help you prepare.

  • In addition to technical ability and tactical understanding of the game, there’s a long list of what coaches could be looking for. There’s the competitive element (having a competitive spirit from first whistle to last whistle), the willingness to do the physical work throughout the game, the ability to overcome adversity from one moment to the next in a game, teamwork, communication skills with teammates and coaches, and more. Too often players become selfish knowing that coaches are watching – the need to shine in front of the coach for it may be the only opportunity to do so. Coaches are smart, and they want players that put the team first, so a player’s focus should be on what’s happening inside the white lines and not outside the white lines where the coaches are sitting.

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