Top 25 Recruiting Classes for 2016: April

Top 25 Recruiting Classes for 2016: April
by TopDrawerSoccer
April 11, 2016

Signing Day was over two months ago, but men’s soccer programs are still slowly releasing recruiting class announcements. TopDrawerSoccer released the first post-signing day class rankings in February. 

Following the announcement of a few more classes since then, TDS has updated the rankings and expanded the group to a Top 25. Check out which programs made the cut below. 

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1. North Carolina

Commitments: Cameron Lindley (No. 9), Auston Trusty (No. 26), Mauricio Pineda (No. 38), Andrew Romig (No. 67), Nathaniel Adamolekun (No. 78), Jeremy Kelly (No. 105), Anthony McCaffrey, Giovanni Montesdeoca, John Skahan

Transfer: Drew Murphy (UC Santa Barbara)

The Tar Heels still look to have the best class in Division I with a number of immediate difference makers on board for 2016. 

2. Akron

Commitments: Emmanuel Sabbi (No. 12), Nicholas Hinds (No. 20), Reggie Laryea (No. 37), Marcel Zajac (No. 116), Jesus Perez (No. 136), Alex Mapp, Jackson Crawford, Jonathan Lewis, Tor Saunders, Jackson Crawford, Jeremy Pollard

Akron’s class could be something special if all of the players end up in Ohio. Sabbi continues to get looks with the U.S. U20 Men’s National Team.

3. Virginia

Commitments: Terrell Lowe (No. 31), Lucas Mendes (No. 33), Weston McKennie (No. 35), Aaron James (No. 44), Raheem Taylor-Parkes (No. 54), Leon Maric (No. 138), Victor Falck, Joshua Goldstern, Colin Shutler, Max Diamond

Transfer: Bay Kurtz (Liberty)

Virginia was the only team in the top three that had some shake-up in the class since the last update as a few players dropped off and transfer Bay Kurtz joined the mix.

4. Maryland

Commitments: Keegan Kelly (No. 28), Donovan Pines (No. 61), Miles Stray (No. 71), Mike Heitzmann, Luca Levee, Justin Bajek, Griffin Bouchard

Transfers: Jake Rozhansky (Virginia), Gordon Wild (USC Upstate)

Maryland’s two transfer make this class legit. Rozhansky and Wild have already been successful at the college level and they should continue that success with the Terps in 2016.

5. Washington

Commitments: Elijah Rice (No. 34), Blake Bodily (No. 80), Jaret Townsend (No. 92), Handwalla Bwana, Bryce Logan, Jasper Malamud, Ryan Sailor, Jesse Fitzgerald

Washington moves up the rankings thanks to other programs losing out on players, as the Huskies class has remained consistent since Signing Day.


Commitments: Kevin Silva (No. 13), Reggie Cannon (No. 21), Hugo Arellano (No. 24), Ethan Shacknai, Duncan Werling

Transfer: Jason Romero (Pima Community College)

The losses of Orrin McKenzie Gaines and Danilo Acosta have hurt the UCLA recruiting class, which was previously ranked as the best in Division I.

7. New Mexico

Commitments: Matthew Constant (No. 40), Noah Bushey (No. 56), Ethan Zubak (No. 93), Chris Lovato, Grayson Dupont

Transfer: Luke Lawrence (Fort Lewis)

New Mexico’s class still looks strong, but Zubak has been playing with LA Galaxy II, and doing extremely well with the franchise’s second team. He is a crucial part of this class, so the Lobos need to hope that he makes it to campus this summer.

8. Wake Forest

Commitments: Isaiah Young (No. 76), Michael DeShields (No. 117), John Thomas Menke, Joey DeZart, Ema Twumasi, Bruno Lapa, Eddie Folds

The Demon Deacons are the only team in the top ten that has not announced their recruiting class yet.

9. California

Commitments: Simon Lekressner (No. 45), David Burns (No. 48), Brian O’Hara, Drake Callender, Javier Macias

The strength of California Golden Bears soccer is keeping local guys near home, and this class is right on line with that as local talent David Burns should be an immediate help to the group.

10. Clemson

Commitments: Tanner Dieterich (No. 16), Harrison Kurtz (No. 125), Michael Swift, Jon Breed, Nate Hall, Cale Thorne, Robert Jacobs

Clemson snags the last spot in the top 10 as U.S. youth international defender Tanner Dieterich anchors an impressive class for the College Cup darlings.

11. UC Santa Barbara

Commitments: Kyle Perno (No. 69), Sebastian Des Pres (No. 82), Noah Billingsley, Daniel Amo, Lamar Batista, Milo Barton

Transfers: Dalton Pando (Johnson & Wales University Denver), Jan Ilskens (Northwest Nazarene)

12. Duke

Commitments: Suniel Veerakone (No. 41), Colby Agu (No. 110), Jack Doran, Max Moser, Chinenye Uche

Transfer: Robert Moewes (Binghamton)

13. Utah Valley University

Commitments: Mckay Eves* (No. 12), Alec Felix, Kaled Augat, Joe Wheelwright

Transfer: Aaron Caprio (Portland)

14. SMU

Commitments: Toshiki Yasuda (No. 49), Dwight Williams (No. 68), Edwin Munjoma, Boston Gilbert, Cristian Gonzalez, Garrett McLaughlin

15. Marquette

Commitments: Luka Prpa (No. 36), Jordan Palmer (No. 147), Jan Maertins, Anton Von Hofacker, Zacharias Andreou, Connor Alba, Patrick Seagrist, Noah Heim, Griffin Jende, Jodan Webb

16. Michigan State

Commitments: Giuseppe Barone (No. 57), Michael Wetungu (No. 100), Michael Pimlott (No. 104), Michael Beckett

17. Portland

Commitments: Rey Ortiz (No. 24), William Garton, Gio Magana, Drew Boyd, Benjamin Michel

Transfer: Malcolm Dixon (Virginia)

18. Indiana

Commitments: Alex Palazzolo (No. 43), Spencer Glass (No. 59), Will Eslinger, Isaac Friendt, Ian Black, Drew Nuelle

19. Georgetown

Commitments: Mason Deeds (No. 85), David Mason (No. 107), Ifunanyachi Achara, Jorge Burke, JB Fischer, Dylan Nealis, Riley Strassner

20. Villanova

Commitments: Sean Teixeira (No. 62), Nikkye De Point, David Bettenhausen, Conor Bradley, Shane Bradley, Frank Cotroneo, Jack Gilliam, Carson Hunt

Commitments: Tobi Jnohope (No. 86), Dylan Keeney, Nick Marcin, Blake Moncur, Will Palmquist

Transfer: Graham Smith (Oregon State)

22. Notre Dame

Commitments: Tommy McCabe, John Casey, Nick Cullen, Spencer Farina, Senan Farrelly, Duncan Turnbull, John Rea

24. Loyola Marymount

Commitments: Garrett Amador, Sahid Conteh, Nicholas Dauchot, William DuBay, Paul Lewis, Chairat Puengrod (No. 90), Rodrigo San Roman, Brandon Sanchez (No. 123)

25. Omaha

Commitments: Elvir Ibisevic, Seth Rinderknecht, Joey McCain

Others Considered: Siena, UMBC, Furman, Louisville, Cal State Northridge, Columbia, Memphis, George Washington, Loyola (MD), Penn State

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