Unsigned Showcases: Atlanta Girls Best XI

Unsigned Showcases: Atlanta Girls Best XI
by TDS Unsigned Showcase
June 24, 2016

Our annual stop in Atlanta took us to the expansive facilities at RYSA. A wide array of players and coaches were treated to beautiful (yet hot) conditions in Conyers, Georgia. The girls listed below were just some of the talented players who caught the eye of our staff.

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GK Jonelle Barron, Team Boca (2019): Barron was one of the hardest working players of the day. She had excellent hands and good shot-stopping skills. She is very driven and had excellent communication skills when passing on information to her defenders. To compete at the next level, Barron should continue to improve foot speed and positioning.

D McKenzie Rowland, Rockdale Youth SA (2017): Rowland is a very strong defender. She is very good at reading the play and intercepting passes. Rowland also did a good job of keeping possession of the ball after winning possession by playing smart, accurate passes.

D Dorian McGraw, GSA (2017): McGraw did an excellent job of holding down the back line. She had excellent communication skills when organizing her teammates and showed great ability to play simple out of the back. McGraw also had a good understanding of the game, reading the play quickly and accurately.

D Miya Poplin, Storm Soccer Academy (2020): Poplin worked extremely hard throughout the day. She is a ball winner in the air and aims to get forward as much as possible. She played well at center back and showed great defensive initiative throughout the day. Poplin also got forward and helped her team create opportunities to score.

D Samaria Carpenter, Georgia Revolution (2017): Carpenter spent the day as a center back. She is very strong and constantly works hard for her teammates. Carpenter is very good at winning 50-50 balls as well as recovering when she gets beat. She is also very athletic and knows how to use her physical skills to her advantage.

MF Sofia Black, United Football Academy (2020): Black has excellent technical skills that showed throughout the day. She is fast off the ball and works very hard to make forward runs. Black has excellent vision of the game and great movement off the ball, making her a very dangerous midfielder. In addition to her physical skills, Black also has a great first touch and technical ability.

MF Madison Massoth, Atlanta Fire United SA (2018): Massoth has excellent field awareness; she always knows where she is in relation to the ball, defenders and the goal. She works hard to set up her teammates and showed a keen eye for through balls. Massoth battles in the air and wins a lot of 50-50 balls for her team, but also has the ability to quickly find a teammate after winning possession.

MF Brooke Barrett, Atlanta Fire United SA (2018): Barrett has excellent technical abilities that she constantly uses in the middle of the field. She has good footwork and works very hard to keep possession for her team. Barrett is not afraid to shoot from distance, giving her team an excellent threat to score from outside the box.

F Jada Milner, Rockdale Youth SA (2021): Milner was one of the youngest players on the field. She spent the day as an outside forward and was very effective. She made smart runs forward and knew when to check back for the ball. She had good technical ability and was not afraid to take on bigger/older defenders.

F Kennedy Moore, Tophat SC (2019): Moore spent the day as a forward for her team. She did an excellent job of getting up the field and creating chances for her teammates. Moore showed good technical skills on the ball and solid strength to hold possession. Moore is young, but has great potential.

F Shea Bonacci, Atlanta Fire United SA (2020): Bonacci was the standout player of the day. She is able to take up any position in the attacking third of the field. Bonacci’s first touch under pressure is fantastic and she is able to hold the ball well for her team. She isn’t afraid to take people on and take shots on goal. She is a very smart and dangerous player who has incredible potential moving forward.

Honorable Mention

MF Lauren Botwinik, Tophat SC (2020): Botwinik is the type of player who can easily be overlooked but is vital to her team’s success. She deploys her skills in the center of midfield and acts as the metronome that keeps her team ticking. She plays quick yet simple passes to her teammates. Botwinik has a great understanding of the game and always wants to keep the ball moving.

D Katelyn Smith, GSA (2018): Smith has very good technical skills and understanding of the game, making her an excellent defender. She is smart on and off the ball, always keeping possession and playing simple. Smith reads the game well and did a great job of intercepting passes.

D Rylee Breese, Georgia Revolution (2021): Breese was a very strong defender throughout the day. She did an excellent job of getting up the field and helping her team attack. Breese is tough and wins the small battles, making it very hard to get past her.

D Abby George, Rockdale Youth SA (2018): George is an excellent 1v1 defender. She is strong on the ball and hard to beat. She has good technical ability and does very well under pressure. George has good communication skills and constantly organizes her teammates.

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