Girls Commitments: Smaller is better

by Travis Clark
October 1, 2014
Girls Commitments: Smaller is better

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Allison Vickers, Midfielder, FC Bucks
Class: 2015
Commitment: Colgate

Capable of standing out on a soccer field because of both her technical ability and work ethic, Allison Vickers decided to commit to Colgate for a variety of reasons.

brianna wieszczynski club soccerBrianna Wieszczynski

That included the school’s size and academic reputation, not to mention the soccer program. 

“The opportunity that Colgate presented of strong academics coupled with a highly competitive and successful possession oriented soccer program was exactly what I was looking for,” Vickers told “The pride of Colgate exhibited by the students and alumni that I have interacted with proved that Colgate provides a great college experience. Colgate's success in academics and in the women's soccer program was what sold me on Colgate and after falling in love with the campus and team dynamic, I knew Colgate was the school I wanted to attend.”

The soccer team’s style of play was another major standout for the midfielder, who paid close to attention to potential schools about the position she might play. 

“I liked that head coach [Kathy] Brawn coaches her players to play a possession oriented, yet still offensive minded style of play,” she said. “I was attracted to the way that the team utilizes their center midfielders as a key component in this style of play, playing through the midfield often; this is the style I personally enjoy to play. Colgate Women's soccer history of success in the Patriot League, along with its aspirations to further advance in the NCCA tournament in the coming years exemplified a strong and competitive program, which is the type of college soccer I wanted to pursue.”

Vickers also liked the atmosphere on campus and the surrounding area.

“I loved the rural setting of campus and its location in the quaint town of Hamilton, NY; the architecture and location of the school on a hill set the stage for a remarkably beautiful campus,” she said. “I found the student body to be friendly and most strikingly passionate about their studies, along with their other activities at Colgate, revealing a soul that was unmatched by any of the other college campuses I had visited.” 

Brianna Wieszczynski, Midfielder, Syracuse Development Academy
Class: 2015
Commitment: St. Bonaventure

A motivated midfielder from upstate New York, Brianna Wieszczynski’s college choice boiled down to finding the right blend on and off the field. 

“I decided to commit to St Bonaventure because of the small size, environment and atmosphere of the school,” she told “The passion of the staff and coaches to always want the students to learn more, and strive to be successful in their future.” 

With education being the first priority in her college search, Wieszczynski liked the way the team valued its student-athlete’s success in the classroom. 

“What I love about the soccer program is that they put academics first, and are readily available to help the student athlete strive to achieve their best,” she said. “There is a true family atmosphere and togetherness.”

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Wieszczynski also loved the location. 

“The community is important to the school and they work together,” she said. “I like how the staff is so nice and makes it feel like home. Everyone supports each other no matter what sport they play. The whole campus is beautiful and I know I will succeed at St Bonaventure.” 

Other commitments:

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Midfielder Deanna Rangel (Pride SC) committed to Colorado-State Pueblo(w) for the class of 2015.

Forward Thalia Kusulas (Pride SC) committed to Northern Colorado for the class of 2015.

Defender Heather Arbachesky (Wall Soccer Club) committed to Towson for the class of 2015.

Defender Samantha Sullenger (Bethesda SC) committed to Army for the class of 2015.

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