Exceptional Memorial Day at the Real CO Cup

by Nicholas Spiller
December 1, 2014

As spring soccer season winds down and as early signs of summer arise, teams from all over look for tournaments to try out their skills. Thrust into a competitive, soccer focused environment with college scouts on hand, professional soccer matches to be watched, and wonderful accommodations in which to stay, players and families alike will get the best soccer experience possible by attending the Real Colorado Cup featuring the Colorado Showcase over Memorial Day weekend, which is now proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary! 

Youth soccer teams ranging from U-10 to U-19 can all benefit from this extraordinary soccer tournament that goes far beyond the typical club team event.  Nearly 600 teams were present last year, enabling a robust competition in each of the event’s four levels of play (Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze). Roughly 175 college coaches came to assess the talent and recruit new players as well. These coaches come from all the divisions in college soccer and are looking to offer players the opportunity of a lifetime. 

The setting of Denver also offers a wonderful location to house the tournament.  Players thinking about attending college can visit nearby schools like the University of Colorado, University of Denver, Colorado State, the Metropolitan University of Denver, Regis University, Colorado College, and the Colorado School of Mines.  There is lots of wonderful shopping, restaurants, and activities nearby. The local community also offers coupons for various attractions. Additionally, the proximity to the Rocky Mountains can make for great outdoor activities like hiking and white water rafting. As you can see, attending this tournament can lead to quite the Memorial Day weekend trip. 

As described by Dave Shaffer, Director of Coaching for Arsenal Colorado, “The Real Colorado Cup and the Colorado Showcase provide players with a great opportunity to conclude their year, compete against great competition and on the showcase side, be exposed to a large number of college coaches!” 

Another great feature of the event is that teams are provided 15 tickets to a professional Colorado Rapids MLS match held on the Saturday of the tournament.  Watching masters of the sport play at the highest level in a state-of-the-art facility is an incredible experience for all young players and is a nice activity that adds to the allure of the event. 

Most Colorado Showcase Division matches are held in the surrounding vicinity of the Rapids’ stadium, Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  Fully lit and of the highest quality, these fields ensure that your players will have the best footing to show off their skills.  

Real CO Cup Division games are mostly held at nearby Aurora Sports Park, which also houses 23 top caliber soccer fields.  The Real Cup Division has become the place for regional playoff preparations for U11-14 teams from all regions, as well as a great end-of-season event for teams looking to move into summer tournaments. Twenty-five hotels accommodate teams and families over the weekend, and you get to choose where to stay.  Be sure to hurry and sign up though, as hotel choices are given on a first come, first serve basis. 

Now in its 20th year of existence, the Real Colorado Cup featuring the Colorado Showcase has become the premier soccer tournament in the state of Colorado!  Attracting teams from all over the region, players of varying capabilities will get to enjoy a fulfilling, competitive soccer atmosphere and get a taste of where the game can take them!  Be sure to sign up for this exciting tournament and brace yourself for a thrilling trip next Memorial Day weekend!

Visit the tournament website for more information.

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