Girls Academy adds anonymous reporting

by TopDrawerSoccer
November 19, 2021
Girls Academy adds anonymous reporting

The Girls Academy (GA) has partnered with STOPit Solutions, one of the nation’s leading  experts in school safety, to bring its Anonymous Reporting System (ARS) to the league’s 10,000 athletes and  their families. This showcases the long-term commitment to continue developing safe and healthy  environments for the GA athletes across the country. 

The program teaches and empowers athletes and their families to recognize and anonymously report safety,  misconduct, and compliance concerns BEFORE they escalate into a crisis. 

“We have been working diligently to find the perfect solution for our players, families and coaches that provides  the best platform and processes to ensure a safe sporting environment.  Ultimately, STOPit became the clear  and simple answer for us,” said Lesle Gallimore, Commissioner of the Girls Academy.  “This partnership is one  built on the joint vision and mission of keeping children safe at all times and in all realms.  This is by far one of  the most important offerings that we provide to our membership.” 

STOPit ARS will allow athletes to submit anonymous reports directly from their mobile phone or web browser to  league officials of individuals displaying inappropriate or unsafe behavior.  Once league officials receive the  incident, they assess and take action to intervene and get help for the individual – within minutes for any life threatening situations. 

“We are honored to be partnering with the Girls Academy to bring our program to athletes and their families,”  stated Parkhill Mays, CEO of STOPit Solutions. “Our program will build upon the safe and healthy League  environment that The Girls Academy has established and is committed to developing.” 

The GA and STOPit Solutions will be rolling out the program the week of November 29th, 2021. Teams and  players will be notified, and training will be provided to ensure awareness of the program.

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About the Girls Academy (GA):  The Girls Academy League is the leading youth development platform for the  best female soccer players in the United States, which includes 8 conferences, 80 clubs, and over 10,000 players  across the nation.  The GA is the only all-girls national youth soccer platform that represents the collective vision  of member clubs and actively engages the voice of the players to take real ownership in their journey. The  league engages the voice of the GA players through the first-ever player Advisory Panel.  The GA is committed to  cultivating an environment that empowers each player to reach their best potential as an exceptional athlete  and human being by celebrating the player’s journey with a lifelong love of the game through competition,  showcases, and camaraderie.  In addition to league play, this season features National Showcases and Playoffs,  the first-ever Champions League Competitions, TalentID National and Regional events, and Regional  Competitions for younger age groups. 

About STOPit Solutions: STOPit Solutions empowers schools, universities, and workplaces with comprehensive  safety technologies and training solutions that help create safe, connected, and healthy learning and working  cultures. Over 6,000 organizations use STOPit programs to proactively maintain a safe, healthy climate by  identifying at-risk individuals and through prevention curriculum. The result is tens of thousands of lives being helped each year - including lives being saved. Visit to learn more.