Quality value at Elite College Soccer Camp

Quality value at Elite College Soccer Camp
by TopDrawerSoccer
March 5, 2021

With game-film included and an educational workshop on college recruiting, Elite College Soccer Camps offers unrivaled value for players looking to jumpstart their process into the college soccer recruiting journey. The past year of challenges has made the recruiting process more difficult on everyone. 

Elite College Soccer Camps is here to help ease some of those fears and provide a personalized one-day training experience for players to get an advantage in their recruiting journey. 

Getting into a college program can seem daunting and often an impossible task. Unless you’re the top player in a major city on a top-level team, where coaches are constantly coming to you and taking you through the process, it can feel like you’re alone sometimes. At Elite College Soccer Camps, we aim to be the one-stop-shop for all recruiting needs. We educate parents on what you should be doing right now to help your sons at whatever stage of recruitment that they are in and we educate the players so they know what they should be doing right now, and best of all, we give players maximum exposure in front of many schools and college coaches that is unmatched in value.

Let us tell you how.

When players go to a tournament, they hope that college coaches are watching, and the truth is that they never really know. Or players send videos out to coaches, again hoping for responses, without ever really knowing who will write back. At Elite College Soccer Camps, we ensure coaches are looking squarely at all players by doing practice sessions with the players. That’s right, a full college practice level session, where the coaches are engaged with each player. You see, at most camps, the coaches sit on the sideline while players just play loads of games, but that’s not a lot different than a tournament, in some cases you’re just paying for one expensive day of hope. But with our coaches engaged in a training session, they get to see your son train in the environment of his choosing. 

The coaches train the players in small games (5v5 to 7v7) to learn more about them in a small-game environment. And then, the coaches coach the players in a 11v11 game, with each step along the way coaches getting to know the players better while also clarifying to the player what they need to improve upon with instant feedback. If that wasn’t enough, coaches then meet with the players at the end of the session and give them feedback after the camp is over to answer any questions and give them evaluations on their performance. To top it off, our coaches meet with the group to talk about the recruiting process after lunchtime to help all players better understand the process and steps players need to take immediately after camp. In a continuing theme, we add more value by hosting a parent meeting via zoom or in-person to educate parents on what the very next steps are after camp so all parents leave the camp knowing exactly what their role is and how best to help their sons. 

Remember those hopeful emails we talked about before, well we even talk about how to increase your odds of getting those emails opened, read, and received a reply! While all of that sounds amazing, we have also partnered with Next Pro to offer a film of games, so all players get free 11v11 footage and can choose to upgrade to a highlight film if they choose to send out to other college coaches, while also having a live stream of the games to send to coaches who cannot attend in person.

We try to offer as much value as possible and pack the value in at every step of the way.

The camp was designed by a college coach, for a college coach, and with the players’ best interest in mind. It all comes down to if you had the choice between a tournament when a coach could watch your son versus a guaranteed audience of coaches there to work with your son and it’s a no brainer that Elite College Soccer Camps is the best way to go for your son’s recruiting process. We select the best coaches available and have many schools available for each session. When it’s all said and done, there are many reasons to come out to Los Angeles, and Elite College Soccer Camps are one of the best! 

Sign up today to reserve a spot at one of three upcoming camps. Discounts available for groups of five or more and for players signing up for multiple camps. 

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