DPL Announces Perform Platform

DPL Announces Perform Platform
by TopDrawerSoccer
August 5, 2022

The DPL provides memorable and purposeful development opportunities to young female athletes. By being a part of a DPL club each player has the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills to be identified for additional learning environments.

The DPL Perform program is an individual identification program whereas players are scouted and evaluated in games with their own teams by impartial evaluators at DPL National Events with a goal of being chosen for the Perorm National Games, in conjunction with the DPL National Championships, and Perorm International, encompassing an International Travel Experience.

“There are several different ways to identify players and we have researched opportunities to implement a meaningful and purposeful program. By utilizing our National Events and The SUMMIT, the DPL Perform Program will be something really exciting to be selected for without adding too many layers in the selection process.” said Mary-Frances Monroe, Commissioner.

Players will be evaluated at the following events:

January in Palm Beach, FL   |   March in Tampa, FL at The SUMMIT   |   April in Tucson, AZ .

There is a 4 step process that involves the club coach, DPL Perform Scouts from outside of the league, a National Game at the DPL National Championship Game and an International Competition opportunity.

For more information on The DPL Perform Program and Processes, CLICK HERE or visit www.dpleague.org/Perform

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