ECNL PDP event in South Carolina

March 16, 2017

The schedule and rosters have been announced for this weekend’s ECNL Southeast PDP event, which will be held at the MESA Soccer Complex in Greer, South Carolina.

The event will feature top players from ECNL member clubs throughout the Southeast region, including Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Florida.


Team One

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
56 Mac Crone GK Tampa Bay United
1 Alison Amrozowicz D Atlanta Fire
2 Jordan Michaels D Orlando City YS
3 Brandi Peterson D Concorde Fire
4 Mikala Rhody D West Florida Flames
5 Lillian Babalola M Concorde Fire
6 Ellie Glenn M Tophat SC
7 Cami Rogers M BUSA
8 Shea Bonacci F Atlanta Fire
10 Tatum Ireland F Weston FC
11 Kristi Jones F GSA
12 Emily Moxley F CASL
50 Jordan Canniff M/F Richmond United

Team Two

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
57 Brooke Bollinger GK Orlando City YS
13 Maya Alicea D Weston FC
14 Ella Shamburger D Tophat SC
15 Kennedy Temple D CESA
16 Sofia Black M Atlanta Fire
17 Devyn Encalada M Weston FC
18 Ashton Smith M Concorde Fire
19 Morrison Trnavsky M CESA
20 Aliah Kitchens F Atlanta Fire
21 Croix Bethune F Concorde Fire
22 Sydney Nasello F Tampa Bay United
23 Julia Pack F BUSA
48 Brianna Behm M Richmond United
49 Lauren Bruns F Richmond United

Team Three

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
58 Katherine Asman GK Tophat SC
24 Tori Hansen D CASL
25 Erika Manfre D CESA
26 Talia Staude D Tophat SC
27 Jaclyn Gilday M Orlando City YS
28 Molly Martin M BUSA
29 Alexandra Mielke M Boca United FC
30 Maggie Pierce M CASL
31 Mara Rodriguez M West Florida Flames
32 Izzy Brown F CASL
33 Nicole Payne F Concorde Fire
34 Jaden Roberts F Boca United FC
35 Sophie Shrader F Tampa Bay United
51 Sammy Jerabek D Richmond United
54 Taylor Shell D Richmond United

Team Four

Jersey # Player Name Position Club
59 Alexis McMullen GK CESA
36 Emilee Hauser D West Florida Flames
37 Natasha Turner D CASL
38 Sabrina Wagner D Tampa Bay United
39 Renee Guion M CESA
40 Grace Nguyen M Tophat SC
41 Gabrielle Santora M Boca United FC
42 Giselle Washington M Concorde Fire
43 Astrid Wheeler M Concorde Fire
44 Caroline Conti F CESA
45 Samantha Tobar F Boca United FC
46 Hannah White F Tophat SC
47 Taylor Yount F West Florida Flames
52 Emily Crocco D Richmond United
53 Natalie Maurer M Richmond United
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