Girls Academy Champions Cup Scores

Girls Academy Champions Cup Scores
by TopDrawerSoccer
March 15, 2023

The 2023 edition of the Girls Academy Champions Cup kicks off on Thursday, March 9 down in Florida at IMG Academy.

Starting with a Round of 16, five age groups contest a knockout-style tournament. U13, U17 and U19 age groups begin on Thursday, while U14-U16 action kicks off on Friday.

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Scores and matchups will be updated below over the next week as the competition kicks into high gear.


Round of 16 (March 9)

TopHat SC 9-0 Spokane Sounders

TSJ FC Virginia 2-0 Albion SC San Diego

Florida United 4-2 Utah Celtic

Nationals Blue 3-1 NEFC

Lonestar SC 11-0 Lamorinda SC

Houston Dash Youth Soccer 5-0 Colorado Rush

Cincinnati United 1-2 City SC San Diego

PA Classics 1-0 STA

Quarterfinals (March 11)

Nationals Blue 0-1 Lonestar SC

TopHat 3-0 City SC

PA Classics 1-2 Houston Dash

TSJ FC Virginia 1-0 Florida United

Semifinals (March 12)

TopHat Gold 2-0 TSJ FC Virginia

Houston Dash 2-3 Lonestar SC

Final (March 13)

TopHat Gold 1-0 Lonestar


Round of 16 (March 10)

Colorado Rush 2-1 Albion SC San Diego

Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 1-0 Florida United

Cincinnati United 9-1 Utah Celtic

Nationals Blue 2-1 TSJ FC Virginia

South Shore Select 1-0 South Carolina Surf

TopHat SC 3-1 Lonestar SC

NEFC 0-1 Spokane Sounders

Houston Dash Youth Soccer 3-0 STA

Quarterfinals (March 11)

Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 0-1 Houston Dash Youth Soccer

Nationals Blue 1-0 Colorado Rush

Spokane Sounders 0-3 South Shore Select

TopHat 0-2 Cincinnati United Premier

Semifinals (March 12)

Houston Dash Youth Soccer 1-0 Nationals Blue

South Shore Select 1-2 Cincinnati United

Final (March 14)

Houston Dash Youth Soccer 1-2 Cincinnati United


Round of 16 (March 10)

NEFC 2-3 Cincinnati United

Albion SC Las Vegas 2-1 IMG Academy

Nationals Blue 3-1 City SC

STA 1-0 PA Classics

TSJ FC Virginia 1-0 Lonestar SC

TopHat SC 6-1 Michigan Jaguars

Colorado Rush 1-2 Florida United

Utah Celtic 4-1 Albion SC San Diego

Quarterfinals (March 11)

Nationals Blue 3-1 Albion SC Las Vegas

Utah Celtic 1-0 Cincinnati United

Florida United 0-2 STA

TSJ FC Virginia 1-3 TopHat SC

Semifinals (March 13)

Nationals Blue 1-0 STA

Tophat 2-0 Utah Celtic

Final (March 14)

Nationals Blue 2-1 TopHat Gold


Round of 16 (Mach 10)

TopHat SC 3-0 City SC San Diego

Nationals Blue 5-0 STA

Cincinnati United 3-0 Utah Celtic

PA Classics 1-7 NEFC

Chicago FC United 0-2 Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals

TSJ FC Virginia 3-0 Nationals Gray

Lonestar SC 2-1 Colorado Rush

Houston Dash Youth Soccer 4-3 Florida United

Quarterfinals (March 11)

Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals 1-0 Lonestar SC

TopHat SC 0-1 Cincinnati United Premier

Nationals Blue 1-0 NEFC

Houston Dash Youth Soccer 3-2 TSJ FC Virginia

Semifinals (March 12)

Nationals Blue 4-3 Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals

Cincinnati United Premier 4-0 Houston Dash Youth Soccer

Final (March 14)

Nationals Blue 3-4 Cincinnati United Premier


Round of 16 (March 9)

South Shore Select 1-2 Albion SC San Diego

TopHat SC 3-2 Colorado Rush

STA 0-1 Cincinnati United

Florida United 1-0 Chicago FC United

TSJ FC Virginia 2-1 Nationals Blue

NEFC 2-1 Las Vegas Sports Academy

Lonestar SC 3-2 Lamorinda United

IMG Academy 2-0 PA Classics

Quarterfinals (March 10)

TopHat SC 1-2 Albion SC San Diego

Florida United 1-0 Cincinnati United Premier

Lonestar SC 0-1 NEFC

IMG Academy 3-2 TSJ FC Virginia

Semifinals (March 12)

NEFC 2-5 IMG Academy

Albion SC San Diego 1-0 Florida United

Final (March 13)

Albion SC San Diego 4-3 IMG Academy


Round of 16 (March 9)

TSJ FC Virginia 0-1 Colorado Rush

Florida United 2-0 STA

NEFC 4-3 Lonestar SC

Cincinnati United 1-2 PA Classics

Oakwood SC 4-1 St. Louis Development Academy

SC Wave 4-1 Lamorinda United

TopHat SC 3-2 Nationals Blue

Utah Celtic 3-1 City SC San Diego

Quarterfinals (March 10)

Florida United 2-1 Colorado Rush

NEFC 0-1 SC Wave

Oakwood SC 3-1 Utah Celtic

TopHat SC 1-2 PA Classics

Semifinals (March 11)

PA Classics 1-3 Florida United

SC Wave 2-1 Oakwood SC

Final (March 13)

Florida United 3-1 SC Wave

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