Girls Academy Talent ID: Southeast

Girls Academy Talent ID: Southeast
by J.R. Eskilson
January 28, 2022

The first Girls Academy Talent ID Showcase of 2022 kicks off on Saturday from Florida. The Girls Academy League is showcasing the best of the Southeast region with the opening Talent ID event. 

The league scouted the best from the 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 age groups for the one-day event. These events have been helpful to Youth National Team scouts in the past in identifying players for potential opportunities at the next level. 

Below is the roster from each age group at the event.  



Jenna Sapong (Tophat GK 2023), Natalia Balinas (FL United RB 2023), Chloe Deters (IMG Academy LB 2023), Ashlynn Kulha (Wake FC RCB 2023), Reese Klein (Florida United RCB 2025), Sophia Roma (Tophat LCB 2023), Abriella Moss (FL United DCM 2023), Emily Gundin (West Florida Flames DCM 2023), Maya Leoni (FL United CM 2023), Madison Nichols (Tophat CM 2023), Kaleigh Hart (IMG Academy ACM 2024), Reese Black (Tophat ACM 2024), Berkeley Young (Tophat LF 2024), Anabel Orozco (AFC Lightning LF 2023), Anna Weir (Tophat RF 2023), Kaitlyn Scherer (United Soccer Alliance RF 2023), Layla Sirdah (Tophat CF 2024)

Coach: Kerri Hanks, United Soccer Alliance


Ashley Fonseca (Florida United GK 2024), Andrea Stampone (PBG Predators Soccer GK 2023), Mia Strazella (Wake FC RB 2023), Kennedy Johnsen (United Soccer Alliance LB 2023), Samantha Long (PBG Predators Soccer RCB 2023), Kendall Henderson (West Florida Flames LCB 2023), Tatum Ahlemeyer (Tophat DCM 2024), Zoe Parkhurst (IMG Academy CM 2023), Devon Winters (Tophat CM 2023), Ashley Pennie (Florida United ACM 2024), Katherine Koncal (West Florida Flames ACM 2023), Malone Christen (Southern Soccer Academy LF 2023), Claire Esse (SDSC Surf RF 2023), Archer Streelman (Tophat RF 2023), Sophia Brelage (FL United CF 2025), Amelia Malkin (IMG Academy CF 2023)

Coach: Ed Joyce, Georgia State University




Sami Anes (FL United GK 2024), Finley Dybik (South Carolina Surf Soccer Club GK 2024), Briana Hill (AFC Lightning LB 2024), Kieryn Jeter (Tophat LB 2024), Ashlyn Cohen (FL United RB 2024), Abby Jannetta (Tophat RCB 2024), Izzy Skinner (Tophat LCB 2025), Charlie Zaifert (South Carolina Surf Soccer Club LCB 2024), Neely Kerr (Tophat DCM 2025), Katie Russo (United Soccer Alliance CM 2025), Sydney Garcia (Wake FC ACM 2025), Taylor Lewin (Tophat RF 2024), Olivia O’connor (Tophat RF 2024), Genesis Hernandez (FL United LF 2024), Brooke Edwards (IMG Academy CF 2024)

Coach: Miguel Rodriguez, IMG Academy


Mackenzie Langlo (West Florida Flames GK 2024), Avery Parker (Tophat GK 2024), Isabella Moreno (Tophat LB 2024), Camryn Hampton (United Soccer Alliance RB 2024), Leah Varela (IMG Academy RB 2024), Abigail Gemma (IMG Academy RCB 2024), Brinley Beorlegui (West Florida Flames RCB 2024), Mary Beth McLaughlin (Tophat LCB 2024), Anaya Thomas (PBG Predators Soccer LCB 2024), Adrianna Gill (Southern Soccer Academy DCM 2024), Brooke Bunton (United Soccer Alliance DCM 2026), Bailey Williams (Tophat CM 2025), Addie Watt (Tophat ACM 2024), Sarah Houston (Tophat RF 2025) Chloe Shimkin (IMG Academy LF 2024), Addison Geiss (Wake FC CF 2024), Mireya Stephenson (Tophat CF 2025)

Coach: Wale Leyimu, United Soccer Alliance 


Joanna Funes (AFC Lightning LF), Charlotte Grim (IMG Academy CM), Carla Small (IMG Academy AC),  Ella Holloran (IMG Academy CM)




Victoria Saah (Tophat GK 2025, Amari Ransom (United Soccer Alliance RB 2025), Ryanne Robinson (United Soccer Alliance LB 2025), Christa Gibbons (AFC Lightning RB 2025), Ally Wahdan (Wake FC RCB 2025), Golden Brown (FL United LCB 2026), Ansley Pochmara (Tophat LCB 2025), Valentina Zorilla (FL United DCM 2025), Presley Neese (AFC Lightning DCM 2025), Maddie Ward (Tophat CM 2025), Adriana Bonanno (Wake FC CM 2025), Valentina Mangles (FL United ACM 2025), Anna Garrow (Tophat RF 2025), Aniyah Seedeen-Vargas (PBG Predators Soccer RF 2025), Elsa Johnson (IMG Academy LF 2024), Faith Johnston (IMG Academy CF 2025)

Coach: Glen Tourville, Wake FC 


Danyelle Dorn (FL United GK 2025), Nyamma Nelson (United Soccer Alliance GK 2025), Raygen Lewis (Tophat LB 2025), Kensington Morgan (IMG Academy RB 2025), Erin Morgan (FL United RCB 2025), Madyson Stallbaumer (West Florida Flames RCB 2025), Llla Jaillet (Tophat LCB 2025), Addison Adair (Tophat DCM 2025) MG Gwozdo (South Carolina Surf Soccer Club CM 2025), Gianna Gregoire (West Florida Flames CM 2026), Evany Torres (Tophat ACM 2026) Kiana Sayavong (West Florida Flames ACM 2026), Lola Cannova (PBG Predators Soccer RF 2025), Reagan Mulberry (Tophat LF 2026) Jordyn Norwood (FL United LF 2025) Reese Kulha (Wake FC CF 2026), Brooke Brown (IMG Academy CF 2025)

Coaches: Janny Rivera, IMG Academy; Glen Fox, AFC Lightning


Zoe Molten (South Carolina Surf Soccer Club CF)




Keira Wolfgramm (IMG Academy GK 2026), Ava Wells (AFC Lightning GK 2026), Katherine Sheehan (Wake FC RB 2026), Julia Rutledge (Tophat RCB 2026), Gianna Vescovo (Tophat LCB 2026), Lewhat Tesfazghi (Southern Soccer Academy LB 2026), Courtney Cangialosi (Tophat DCM 2026), Mia Herrera (FL United CM 2026), Kelsi Hart (IMG Academy CM 2026), Maliah Moukarzel (Southern Soccer Academy ACM 2027), Nicole Noorbehesht (Tophat ACM 2026),  McKenzie Godfrey (Tophat RF 2026), Brea Gibbons (AFC Lightning LF 2026), Kiki Christensen (Tophat CF 2026), Amaya Rodriguez (West Florida Flames CF 2026)

Coach: Kim Dean, IMG Academy


Ashley Smith (FL United GK 2026), Lexi Goodman (Tophat GK 2026), Silvana Davila (AFC Lightning RB 2027), AnneMarie Adefisan (Tophat RCB 2026), Asiah Duncan (West Florida Flames RCB 2026), Rylynn Robinson (United Soccer Alliance LCB 2026), Cydney Pace (Tophat LB 2026), Mady Wright (Tophat DCM 2026), Gabriella Clark (Wake FC DCM 2026), Bianca Raskin (FL United CM 2026), Eliza Barber (Tophat ACM 2027), Kennedy Williams (Tophat ACM 2026), Sophia Barnes (FL United RF 2027), Brynnli Tolbert (FL United RF 2026), Ella Martinez (Tophat LF 2026), Ella Kate Johnston (IMG Academy LF 2027), Chloe Lawson (Tophat CF 2026)

Coach: Kordan Davis, Southern Soccer Academy


Jordyn Gunn (Tophat LB) Lauren Malsom (Tophat RB)

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