HG Watch: Checking in on 3 top pro signings

HG Watch: Checking in on 3 top pro signings
by Will Parchman
May 12, 2016

In truth, becoming a Homegrown signing is only the first step on a wildly uncertain journey. The league’s washout rate on HG signings is relatively high, and there’s no guarantee the new signing will ever get a fair shake. So it goes everywhere in world soccer. Coaches have their guys.

This week, Homegrown Watch dives into the realm of the already signed Homegrown player. In lieu of breaking down players who’ve yet to turn pro, today’s episode looks at three HG players who’ve signed but have yet to break into the starting lineup.

What have they been doing in the interim? What do they need to do? And are they doing enough? Let’s take a look. And we lead with a doozy.

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