Three Tips for 2022 College Soccer Recruits

by J.R. Eskilson
June 17, 2020
Three Tips for 2022 College Soccer Recruits

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Official soccer games might not be happening on the field this week for club soccer teams in the U.S., but there is a substantial deadline that passed on Monday for players to be aware of in the quest to reach the next level. 

College recruiting for the 2022 class (rising juniors) resumed on Monday. As college coaches discussed with TopDrawerSoccer back in March, the 2021 class was well-known at the time and the lack of events did not have much influence on recruiting for that class. 

While many of the top players in the Girls Class of 2022 have already committed or been heavily recruited (prior to this rule change in 2019), the Boys class has largely been neglected for upcoming classes. 

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That changed on Monday though as college coaches looked to address the 2022 class in a hurry during these unusual times. With no marque scouting events on the docket until the big club tournaments in August, the recruiting for this class will be different at best and unconventional mostly. 

How do players prepare for this unique period? Check out a couple of tips for how best to handle these times. 

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