Top US Youth Soccer talent producers abound

Top US Youth Soccer talent producers abound
by Will Parchman
December 17, 2015

US Youth Soccer’s National League opened the country’s largest youth soccer organization to a heap of innovation.

US Youth Soccer is perhaps most well known for developing pre-U12 youth, an avenue in which it is still the primary go-to for parents seeking to inject their talented children into the system. Before pro clubs have the opportunity to develop, US Youth Soccer is doing much of the work.

But the National League established a competitive baseline for the older age groups, and the improving level at the US Youth National Championships proves the initiative is lifting off the ground.

Colleges are taking notice. US Youth Soccer is being recruited like never before, as college programs come to realize not all the best players are exclusively housed in the Development Academy. Some, indeed, are plying their trade in the National League. And a handful of clubs are beginning to separate themselves from the pack under the auspices of the new system.

With that mind, let’s take a dive into three girls and three boys clubs from across the country rapidly turning into Division I assembly lines for quality players. If you can make it at these clubs, you can make it just about anywhere.

Keep in mind these are all U18 teams for the ’15-16 National League season, since the most players have committed at this age group.

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