Unsigned Showcases: Cary, NC Girls Best XI

August 3, 2016

The annual stop in North Carolina brought us back to the immaculate fields at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, NC. As always, the quality of the players was Top Drawer and it was no easy task to narrow down the list to this Best XI.


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TDS Unsigned Showcase Cary, NC Girls Best XI:


GK, Katelyn Pierson, Fredericksburg FC (2020): Pierson showed up focused and ready to perform on the day. She was in goal for every second of the showcase, including the keeper session with the guys, and never lacked energy or effort. She has soft hands and is great at distribution, both with her feet and hands. Pierson is a young keeper, but has an excellent foundation to excel for years to come.

D, Gabriella Brown, Continental FC Delco (2019): Brown is a sound defender who showed great pace and ability to be aggressive in defensive tackles. She is athletic and proved to be difficult to beat in 1v1 situations. To continue her progression, Brown should focus on improving her first touch so it rises to the level of her physical and defensive abilities.

D, Maria Bashardoust, Ohio Elite SA (2020): Bashardoust is a quality defender who showed a great understanding of the game and ability find open pockets of space to provide options for her teammates. She has good vision and a clean first touch. Bashardoust also has a great attitude and is an excellent teammate.

D, Raegan Meyer, CASL (2020): Meyer is a defender who has a solid soccer IQ. She understands when to step to the ball and when to drop in to space. She is inquisitive by nature and always looking for ways to improve herself and her game. Meyer has the understanding of the game needed to excel at the next level, now will just continue to improve the physical side of her game.

D, Katherine Herrmann, Charlotte Soccer Academy (2020): Herrman is a versatile defender who is great in 1v1 situations but also showed excellent ability when driving forward. She commits to her attacking runs and consistently causes problems for the opposition. On the ball, Herrman is composed and has a clean first touch. She is mentally strong, tactically sound, communicates well, and has excellent potential.

MF, Darby Bevis, Lake Norman SC (2019): Bevis took up multiple attacking roles throughout the showcase. She is best when driving forward in to open space. She moves off the ball to provide smart options for her teammates, and communicates well. Bevis can continue to improve the technical side of her game in order to make the step to the next level.

MF, Sofia Black, Atlanta Fire United SA (2020): Black was quietly the best player on the day. She is all around solid both on the ball and off. She showed good skill, composure, confidence and a great work ethic. Black is very coachable and has all the potential to achieve great things moving forward. Black is one to watch!

MF, Aminah Johnson, Charlotte Soccer Academy (2019): Johnson was the best athlete on the field throughout the day. She is fast, strong, and has a great engine. As a box to box midfielder, she constantly runs every play down and is willing to work hard to close down opponents defensively. Johnson can continue to improve her first touch, but she has a solid technical base to add to great physical attributes.

MF, Meredith Stewart, Piedmont Triad FC (2019): Stewart is a smart midfielder who showed a great understanding of the game and soccer IQ throughout the day. She picks up smart pockets of space, both offensively and defensively. Stewart often has a clean first touch and showed an ability to read play and take smart touches to open space.

F, Morgan Anya Carney, James Island YSC (2019): Carney is constantly active, both on and off the ball. Although Carney constantly works, she understands what spaces to occupy and where to angle her runs. Carney is best when driving forward and making runs behind the defense. She scored some good opportunities throughout the day and showed great potential to become a quality player at the next level.

F, Mary McCombs, Dynamo SC (VA) (2019): McCombs was one of the top attackers on the day due to her ability to combine solid physical attributes with quality technical skills. She makes smart decisions when deciding to run at defenders or switch the point of attack. She is strong on the ball and isn’t afraid to get stuck in on a tackle. McCombs always plays simple, smart soccer and can slide in to any attacking role.


Honorable Mention


D, Anna Winslow, Richmond United (2020): Winslow is a great all around team player and showed a tireless work effort throughout the day. She communicates incredibly well with her teammates and can give accurate direction to organize the defensive line. Winslow is young but showed maturity beyond her years.

MF, Lauren Huffstetler, Charlotte Soccer Academy (2020): Huffstetler is strong in the tackle and provided great support for her teammates in the midfield. She steps in to win the ball but also showed a good understanding of when to drop off in to space. Huffstetler can work on improving vision and speed of thought to make the next step in her game.

MF, Alexis Fabila, Virginia Legacy (2018): Fabila is a confident midfielder who is at her best when receiving the ball at feet. She is also excellent when running at defenders and striking the ball towards goal. Fabila has the fundamentals and work ethic to achieve things at the next level.

F, Robin Jackson, Charlotte Soccer Academy (2019): Jackson is a quality individual and a true team player in every sense of the word. She works hard for her teammates but also has an excellent technical foundation. She has great confidence when driving forward and attacking defenders in 1v1 situations.

F, Jeana Freeman, CASL (2019): Freeman is incredibly athletic and showed a great engine on the day. She is solid in attack, always willing to put defenders under pressure. Freeman showed good strength and ability to win balls in the air. Freeman also showed a clean strike on the ball throughout the event.

F, Faith Adams, Charlotte Soccer Academy (2020): Adams was one of the youngest attackers on the field, but showed great confidence both on and off the ball. She is comfortable receiving the ball both at her feet and in space. Adams is creative in the attack and is never afraid to try a new trick or move to get by a defender. Adams is one to keep an eye on moving forward.


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