US Club Soccer id2 training: Day 2

US Club Soccer id2 training: Day 2
by Caroline Yort
April 13, 2013

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Day two of the US Club Soccer id2 Program Training Camp brought fabulous weather along with some good soccer. Sunshine, low humidity, and temps in the 70s were a perfect setting to watch youngsters get the chance to impress the id2 coaching staff as well as a US Youth National team scout who was in attendance for the scrimmages.

With boys and girls scrimmages occurring simultaneously at two different venues, was only able to attend the girls’ matches. Check back on Monday for a recap of the boys final scrimmages from Sunday morning. For a recap of yesterday’s scrimmages for boys and girls, click here.

Players competed on their newly formed teams, and the scrimmages at College of Charleston stadium were much more evenly matched than on Day 1. The first scrimmage put new Team Seven against new Team Eight, and the second, new Team Five vs. new Team Six.

Goalkeepers, as yesterday, split time between teams/games.

Team Seven 2, Team Eight 0

Rosters (starters denoted with *)

Team Seven: Courtney Walker*, Monet Kunz*, Meredith Haakenson*, Julia Leonard*, Delaney Watson*, Marisa Maynes*, Hannah Telleysh, Zoe Steck, Meghan Mosley*, Jillian Jennings*, MaKayla Woods*, Carolyne Davidson*

Team Eight: Lindsey Townsend*, Natalie Sprengel, Ravin Alexander*, Elizabeth Sutherland, Neaka Khalilian*, Morgan Grauel*, Rachel Florenz, Brianna Morris*, Lauren Azzolino*, Olivia Sensky*, Rebecca Schreiner*, Gabriala Jodzis*

PDA forward Zoe Steck  did not start the scrimmage, but definitely provided a spark for Team 7 when she came on  the field. Within minutes she hit a beautiful cross to a teammate for a shot at point blank range, which the Team Eight keeper did well to save. Steck then scored the game’s first goal when a ball landed at her feet and she finished past the keeper from 15 yards to put Team 7 up 1-0 at the halftime whistle.

I’m still not sure whether the second goal of the game was meant to be a cross or a shot. For the answer to that question, you’ll have to ask Tualatin Hills United SC’s right back Monet Kunz, who dribbled up the sideline, heard a teammate call “Cross!”, and hit the ball almost from the touchline over the outstretched arms of the tall FC Pride goalkeeper Kayley Jones into the far post side netting to put Team 7 up 2-0. Jones had some good saves on the day in both games, but there was nothing she could do about that one.

Players that performed well for Team Eight included Dallas Sting midfielder Neaka Khalilian and CASL center back Brianna Morris. Khalilian was active in the midfield until suffering a knee injury towards the end of the first half, and Morris was vocal, directing her team from the back line.

For Team 7, in addition to Steck, NJ Crush FC’s Jillian Jennings and Timbers/Crossfire forward Makayla Woods did well. Jennings sent in multiple dangerous crosses from the right wing, and Woods was vocal and has a good touch.

Team Six 1, Team Five 0

Rosters (starters denoted with *):

Team Five:  Kayla Bruster*, Alyssa Malonson, Reagan Glisson*, Sydney Zandi*, Mary Johnston*, Kori Locksley*, Meredith Hamby*, Rachel Dorwart*, Casey Palmer*, JJ Bryant*, Mya Lopez*

club soccer players mya lopez Kelsey TurnbowMya Lopez and Kelsey Turnbow

Team Six: Hope Breslin, Sarah Wampler*, Grace Nguyen*, Alexandra Arenas*, Kailee Coonan*, Tess Boade*, Caitlyn Cosme*, Jacqueline Schaefer*, Kelsey Turnbow*, Ariel Diaz*, Raleigh Loughman*

The scrimmage between these two teams clearly pitted the best against the best on the day, and there were notable good performances on the field.  The two teams were evenly matched and provided some entertaining fast-paced play, as well as some good battles in the midfield.

The only goal of the day came from FC Dallas defensive midfielder Raleigh Loughman who corralled the ball at midfield, took a few dribbles, saw an opening and hit a great shot into the upper right corner from about 25 yards dead center.

Flank play was the highlight of the day, however, and Team 5 left back Mary Johnston was the player of the match. Although listed as a forward on the id2 roster, and she has 8 goals and 5 assists for Crossfire’s U14 ECNL team as a forward, she was extremely active in the right back position, making multiple well-timed tackles and playing to feet. She also did a good job getting forward.

The state of Washington is producing some good forward/outside backs, as Spokane Shadow forward Kelsey Turnbow was another that performed well as an outside (left) back. highlighted her performance as a forward yesterday.  Team 6’s Turnbow had some good battles with Freestate SA and Team 5 forward Kori Locksley, who was speedy, performed well, and was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet.

Other notable performances from both teams included NJSA 04’sCasey Palmer, PA Classics’ Rachel Dorwart, Challenge SC’s Alyssa Malonson, Tophat’s Grace Nguyen, and Albertson SC’s Caitlyn Cosme. Team 5 left back Palmer was solid on the day, while Rachel Dorwart played smartly and has quick feet. The midfield battle between tiny Team 5’s Alyssa Malonson and equally small Team 6’s Grace Nguyen was enjoyable to watch. Team 6 also received some smart, calm play from center back Caitlyn Cosme.

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