YNT Regional ID - San Jose 06

YNT Regional ID - San Jose 06
by J.R. Eskilson
October 4, 2021
Players featured in this article:
D | San Jose
F | Real Salt Lake
GK | De Anza Force
Colin Davis |  2024
F | Ballistic United Soccer Club
Mateo Lopez |  2024
GK | San Jose
Erick Luna |  2024
D | San Jose
D | San Jose
Cruz Medina |  2024
F | San Jose
GK | San Jose
MF | De Anza Force
Jose Ponce |  2024
MF | Sacramento Republic FC
F | San Jose
Jude Stone |  2025
MF | Santa Rosa
Sean Ueda |  2024
MF | De Anza Force
Eli Wachs |  2024
MF | Oakland Roots
D | Sacramento Republic FC

U.S. Soccer is hosting regional talent identification centers at key markets across the country. There was one held in the 2006 and 2007 age group last week on Sept. 30 in San Jose, California for the top talent in Northern California. 

San Jose Earthquakes were well represented in the 2006 age group with 13 players selected for the event. The staff working the event were Alex Zotinca, Gonzalo Segares, Erik Visser, Chris Ziemer, Deejae Johnson, and Joe Cannon. 

2006 YNT Regional Identification Roster - San Jose 

Arteen Arianmanesh (Ballistic United), Lorenzo Avalos (San Jose Earthquakes), Jacob Balinsat (Sacramento Republic), Fidel Barajas (San Jose Earthquakes), Luke Burton (SF Glens), Alejandro Caracheo Luna (Sacramento Republic), Colin Davis (Ballistic United), Simon Diaganna (San Jose Earthquakes), Daniel Fergoso (San Jose Earthquakes), Beto Fernandez (San Jose Earthquakes), Ethan Flamenco (SF Glens), Jonathan Garcia (Breakers FC), Gary Green (SF Glens), Mateo Lopez (San Jose Earthquakes), Erick Luna (San Jose Earthquakes), Peter Martinez (San Jose Earthquakes), Cruz Medina (San Jose Earthquakes), Edwin Mendoza (San Jose Earthquakes), Christian-Arseni Metelitsa (De Anza), Jack Middleton (De Anza), Sammy Navarette (San Jose Earthquakes), John Nicolson (De Anza), Colin Pearce (De Anza), Joshua Pereda (Breakers FC), Jose Ponce (Sacramento Republic), Jermaine Spivey (San Jose Earthquakes), Jude Stone (Santa Rosa United), Roka Tsunehara (De Anza), Sean Ueda (De Anza), Oscar Verhooven (San Jose Earthquakes), Jordan Victor (Sacramento Republic), Eli Wachs (De Anza), Savir Wangoo (Ballistic United), Ermias Yohannes (Sacramento Republic) 


pictore: twitter.com/quakesacademy

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